How to choose the right toilet

How to choose the right toilet

Yours “the white throne” has to be modern and convenient.

We understand what parameters are most important when choosing a toilet bowl.


People seek to buy the smartphone, a fur coat or any other goods from the most expensive and rare materials. Also, are ready to overpay for it big money. But at the same time are often indifferent to what objects which they touch every day with very important parts of a body are made of.

The most available option — a toilet bowl from faience. At it not the highest service life (in total about 10 years), but is not its main shortcoming. At faience the porous structure, in it is well absorbed dirt. Such toilet bowl should be cleaned carefully that it remained as the newcomer longer. But faience products the most inexpensive, they will suit people who do not want to be spent for purchase of plumbing especially.

Porcelain toilet bowls are more expensive, but they are easier cleaned and not so strongly absorb unpleasant smells. Such a product will serve you longer and throughout all usage, time will keep the initial appearance.

The most luxury options of materials — marble and stainless steel. They it is even more reliable. Such toilet bowls can be carried to a premiumclass. They stylish look and cost quite much.

Way of fastening

Two main ways of fastening of toilet bowls: floor and suspended.

The most widespread option — floor. If to ask the casual person to present and draw a toilet bowl, then, most likely, it will represent such.

Suspended models — another story. They meet less often and thanks to lack of a leg take fewer places. From this one more advantage follows: with such a toilet bowl it is much simpler to clean up the toilet room. Besides, suspended products look is much more modern and are more accurate.


Do you remember the old advertising of detergents telling about horrors under a toilet bowl rim? What to tell, even in 2019 it remains a problem. The majority of modern models are still made with a rim. And on its bacteria which get further on skin and clothes constantly accumulate.

Fortunately, in the market there are producers which nakonetsto began to do modern toilet bowls without rim. For example, German company TECE. In the TECEone model the bezobodkovy design thanks to which it is easy to clean a toilet bowl is just applied. And still the device combines functions of a toilet bowl and a bidet, caring for your hygiene. By means of a special shower you will be able to clean an intimate zone with warm water after each campaign in a toilet.

Bowl type

Bowl — an internal form of a toilet bowl. It can be:

  • funneled;
  • dish-shaped;
  • visor.

The dish-shaped bowl is considered outdated long ago: an izza of construction features waste of activity accumulates on the flat platform, it promotes the distribution of an unpleasant smell and complicates clarification of a bowl. More modern — a funneled design. Unlike dish-shaped, it much hygienic, but also it has minuses, namely the high probability of splash. The most common form of a bowl — visor. It is perfectly cleaned through a washout so the brush is required to you seldom or never.

Washout type

Toilet bowls can wash away contents in two main ways. The first and the simplest — horizontal. Water a uniform powerful stream washes away everything in the center. At such type of washout, the bowl is not washed completely, and it can lead to pollution.

More preferable option — circular washout. The whirlpool washes all internal surfaces of a toilet bowl and carries away contents with itself.

Additional functions

Producers add LED illumination of a bowl to modern devices easily to be guided in the dark, heating of a seat (for additional comfort), a possibility of double discharge (for the most successful clarification of a bowl) and even Bluetoothspeaker (suddenly a certain type of music helps you to relax). But there are also models with really useful functions. For example, toilet bowls with the function of a bidet which helps to visit a toilet more hygienic.

Unitazbide is a safe and pleasant way to clean an intimate zone after a campaign in a toilet and to be refreshed. Utilizing manual regulator, being on the left side, in TECEone it is possible to set the water temperature, and on the right — its pressure. One more important feature of model — the simplicity of installation: installation will not require connection to electricity and heating elements. Cartridges of the thermostat and tips of a nozzle of a shower can be replaced if necessary even without removing a toilet bowl from a wall. Among other advantages of TECEone, there is a reliable design, compatibility with the built-in tanks modules of different producers and an affordable price.
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