How to choose a vacuum cleaner that will not disappoint

A detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages, which you are unlikely to tell in the store.

Decide on the type of construction

Start looking for the best vacuum cleaner is with the choice of design.


How to choose a vacuum cleaner that will not disappoint

  • How to choose vacuum cleaner: Standard vacuum cleaner
  • Suitable for high-grade cleaning.
  • Dust collector capacity: on average from 1 to 6 liters.
  • Advantages: a huge selection of models with different functionality, high suction power.
  • Disadvantages: usually work only from the network, take up a lot of space.
This is a classic type of vacuum cleaner, also sometimes called horizontal or balloon. The housing with a motor block and dust compartment is connected with suction pipe and various nozzles.

Standard vacuum cleaners have the highest suction power. It allows you to cope with carpets and other pile coverings.


How to choose a vacuum cleaner that will not disappoint

  • Suitable for simple cleaning.
  • Dust collector capacity: on average from 0.35 to 2 liters.
  • Advantages: take up little space, easy to use.
  • Disadvantages: generally small suction power, dust collector and battery life.

These models are a vertical monoblock, in which the center of gravity is usually shifted to the bottom — this is where the motor is located with a dust collector. The main brush can be removable, which allows you to connect the nozzles for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

For smaller sizes of such vacuum cleaners, it is necessary to pay power: almost always it is much less, than at classical models. However, if you do not have carpets or carpet, a vertical vacuum cleaner can be quite enough for you.

Most vertical vacuum cleaners have a battery. But some models work only from the network.

The battery allows you to get rid of constantly interfering wires. However, do not count on significant autonomy: it is usually limited to 30-40 minutes, in rare cases-60-70 minutes. In this case, charging can take from 3 to 16 hours. Be sure to check these specifications before purchasing.


How to choose a vacuum cleaner that will not disappoint

  • Suitable only for the cleaning of local pollution.
  • Dust collector capacity: average 0.2 to 1 liter.
  • Advantages: portability, battery life, low price.
  • Disadvantages: minimum suction power, dust collector and autonomy.

These are compact and lightweight vacuum cleaners for cleaning small amounts of small debris from the floor and furniture. Due to the minimum suction power for the role of the main means of cleaning, they are in any case not suitable. With cleaning carpets or stuck to upholstered furniture wool such a vacuum cleaner can not cope.

Also, many models do not work more than 20-30 minutes from the battery. Then they have to be charged.

Hybrid 2 in 1

How to choose a vacuum cleaner that will not disappoint

  • Suitable for simple cleaning.
  • Dust collector capacity: on average from 0.3 to 1.5 liters.
  • Advantages: versatility, take up little space, run on battery.
  • Disadvantages: quite a high price, small suction power, dust collector and battery life.

The hybrid vacuum cleaner can be the best solution for quick cleaning. Initially, this class included models with a detachable manual unit, which was usually located at the bottom. However, now a large spread of vertical vacuum cleaners, which have a motor with a dust collector placed at the top, in the area of the handle.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner that will not disappoint

Such models can also be called hybrids, because after disconnecting the suction pipe and the main brush, they, become manual.

The situation with autonomy and charging speed is about the same as that of conventional vertical vacuum cleaners. Battery-powered hybrids can run from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the model.

Recharging can take all night, so do not expect to continue cleaning quickly. However, with some expensive models sometimes comes a second battery, which can be installed instead of discharged.

Robot vacuum cleaners

How to choose a vacuum cleaner that will not disappoint

  • Suitable for keeping the house clean.
  • Dust collector capacity: on average from 0.05 to 1 liter.
  • Advantages: minimum dimensions, battery life, automatic cleaning.
  • Disadvantages: minimum suction power, small dust collector, not suitable for thick carpets, high price.

These are compact devices that move independently within the premises, removing dust and simple pollution. Given their shape, they will not be able to cope with hard-to-reach areas, so robots do not pretend to be the main means of cleaning.

Even the most expensive models will not be able to restore perfect order in the house. They’re just delaying spring cleaning.

Almost all robot vacuum cleaners automatically return to the dock when there is a lack of charge. Accordingly, access to it should always be open, and obstacles in the way — removed.

The additional load on the robot vacuum cleaner will negatively affect its autonomy
When buying a robot, find out in advance whether it is possible to control through a mobile application. With it, you can limit the cleaning area and simply control the operation of the device remotely.

Select the main type of cleaning

Dry cleaning

The vast majority of vacuum cleaners are designed for dry cleaning, that is, a simple suction. It can be models with any type of construction. All garbage in them is collected in special bags, containers or tanks.

Wet cleaning

Models with this function can be used for cleaning tiles, carpets, upholstery, as well as for washing Windows and simply collecting spilled liquid.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner that will not disappoint

In the case of standard vacuum cleaners, wet cleaning involves spraying and suction of moisture. Therefore, these cleaning vacuum cleaners are the most effective of all. However, there are also enough shortcomings. This is bulkiness and a lot of weight, and, of course, a high price. Also, it should be noted the need for thorough washing-drying of all parts after each use.

In an upright vacuum cleaner and robots for wet cleaning typically uses special nozzles with a microfiber cloth and containers for water. This is a simple wetting of the floor after sucking dust.

Vertical vacuum cleaners can also have the function of wet cleaning, but the benefits of such a wash will be a little
Single models of robot vacuum cleaners can spray water in front of them, and then RUB it with a sponge or microfiber.

Any household vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning can work in dry mode.

It is believed that cleaning vacuum cleaners can not be used for laminate and parquet, but inexpensive models for such coatings, special nozzles are provided. They instantly absorb the remains of the liquid and do not allow the boards to deform.

Pay attention to the dust collector


The dust bag can be both reusable with a fabric base and disposable paper. The latter is filled on average for 4-5 harvests. After that, it must be replaced
When replacing the paper bag you do not even come into contact with dust
Many models with such a dust collector allow you to choose which bags to use. The kit can be supplied with several papers and one fabric.

Cyclone filter

By cyclone, filter is meant a removable container, the air through which passes in a spiral. Under the action of centrifugal force, the drawn-in dust is pressed against the walls and settles to the bottom of the container. Cleaning is as simple as possible: just shake out the garbage in the rinse container.

The Aqua-filter

Here the air is driven through a tank of water, which is the filter element. All dirt and dust settle in the liquid, and already humidified air through an additional filter goes back into the room.

After cleaning the dirty water from the container is enough to pour into the toilet
Only standard horizontal vacuum cleaners are equipped with an Aquafilter.

Some models have several types of dust collectors. They can complement each other or be used alternately.

Check the suction power

It is this indicator that characterizes the force with which the vacuum cleaner will tighten the dust and your curtains. If the apartment has a lot of carpets or other fabric coverings, then the vacuum cleaner should be appropriate.

All rechargeable vacuum cleaners can be attributed to low-power. Hand models and robots suck the worst. The power they have usually starts from 10 watts and up to 50 watts.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner that will not disappoint
The hand vacuum cleaner can remove sand, scattered grits or other food products
Vertical and hybrid vacuum cleaners have a slightly wider range: from 20 to 150 watts.

Power in 100-150 watts will be enough to maintain cleanliness in an apartment with bare floors.

Even the most affordable standard vacuum cleaners have an average suction power of 250-280 watts. If the apartment has animals and carpets, it is better to consider models from 350 watts. These will get rid not only of dust and debris but also from the hair of your Pets.

On the body of the device, the suction power may not be indicated, but the power consumption, which is always several times higher. This is a marketing ploy, don’t be fooled.

The maximum power of some standard vacuum cleaners reaches 750 watts. Such devices will perfectly cope with a long pile of the carpet.

It is also important to note that as the dust collector is filled, the suction power will decrease. This applies to all vacuum cleaners except models with water filters. They have the degree of contamination of the water in the tank on the suction force does not affect. This is an undeniable plus.

Check out the filters used

Most modern vacuum cleaners use two filters. The first, pre-engine, is made of foam, felt or similar material capable of passing air. With the help of such a filter, the dust that has not settled in the dust collector is retained.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner: pre-Motor filter
There is also a fine filter outlet, which keeps the smallest dust particles when returning air to the room. It can be of three kinds.

HEPA filter

These are the most common output filters, which are a system of fibers of complex shapes. The higher the filter class, the better the cleaning.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner that will not disappoint
The main classes of HEPA filters and the percentage of particles retained:

  • HEPA H10-up to 85%;
  • HEPA H11-up to 95%;
  • HEPA H12-up to 99.5%;
  • HEPA H13-up 99.95%;
  • HEPA H14-up to 99,995%;
  • HEPA H15-up to 99.9995%;
  • HEPA H16-up to 99.99995%.

It is recommended to consider vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters of class H13 and above. These can delay even tobacco smoke and pollen, which will be especially important for Allergy sufferers.

S-class filters

Air is purified not only through physical barriers, as in HEPA filters, but also through electrostatics. It is believed that s-class filters better capture odors, but in general, the degree of purification can be compared with HEPA H12.


Such filters are used in relatively inexpensive vacuum cleaners. They may have a core of foam or extruded microfibers. On the degree of clearing the same class H12, they usually concede, Yes and to change their need far more often.

Whether it is possible to wash the filter, how often to change it and whether it is necessary to do it at all — depends on the specific model of the vacuum cleaner. All this should be stated in the operating instructions.

Check for the correct attachments

In addition to the standard brushes for floors and carpets, modern vacuum cleaners can be equipped with nozzles for cleaning upholstered furniture, clothing or suction of dust from the cracks.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner that will not disappoint

Expensive vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning laminate, cork, and parquet, can be used to support the heads with the elastic bristles of natural horsehair. They allow you to gently clean the most delicate natural coatings.

Also washing vacuum cleaners can be supplemented with nozzles for washing Windows. With dried dirt, they can not cope, but to clean the glass from the dust will allow.

For owners of cats and dogs, the most useful nozzle maybe the turbo brush. She perfectly collects pet hair from upholstery and carpet, if the pile last no longer than 1.5 cm.

The turbocharger can be mechanical or electrical.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner that will not disappoint

The first moves due to the sucked air and the second has its drive, which is connected to the vacuum cleaner by a separate wire.

It is not necessary to buy a mechanical turbocharger to a vacuum cleaner with a suction power of less than 350 watts. It will be of little use.

Don’t forget the important details

  • Control system. Check-in advance the convenience of the controls and the presence of the necessary buttons on the handle or body. For example, in the case of a powerful vacuum cleaner might be useful to the regulator of force suction. It is useful when cleaning delicate surfaces.
  • The capacity of the bag. If you are not ready to clean the vacuum cleaner after each cleaning, take models of horizontal type with dust collectors from 3 liters and more.
  • Range. When buying a wired vacuum cleaner, estimate the approximate length of the cord in advance. It should be enough to clean one or more rooms without constant transitions from outlet to outlet.
  • Battery life. Vertical, manual and robotic vacuum cleaners on a single charge can work from 20 minutes to several hours. The spread is very large, it is worth considering when buying.
  • Noise level. With the importance of this parameter, attention should be paid to vacuum cleaners with bags. Usually, they are quieter than container ones by 10-20 dB.
  • Tube type. The tube may be an integral, one-piece or telescopic. The latter is usually much more convenient and practical.
  • Parking of suction pipe. The pipe must be securely fixed to the vacuum cleaner body and not bend under its weight. This can be checked in the store.
  • Rubberized wheels and bumper. Rubber and silicone in the finishing of vacuum cleaners are used to protect furniture and floor coverings from accidental impacts.
  • Automatic cord winding. This feature today has almost all wired vacuum cleaners, but just in case check.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner that will not disappoint

Buyer’s checklist

  1. The most inexpensive and reliable solution will be a standard vacuum cleaner with a cyclone filter. It is quite powerful and easy to wash.
  2. Option for the most squeamish-vacuum cleaner with paper disposable bags. They almost eliminate contact with dust.
  3. Vertical vacuum cleaners and hybrids are suitable only for small apartments where there are no carpets or Pets.
  4. If there are carpets in the house, a robot vacuum cleaner will not be able to completely replace a conventional vacuum cleaner. It only maintains cleanliness, delaying full cleaning.
  5. The Golden mean for the price and quality of cleaning can be called a standard vacuum cleaner with an Aquafilter. Such a device cleans not only the floor but also the air.
  6. If you have pets, you should overpay for a model with a turbo brush.
  7. For wet cleaning and carpet cleaning with a thick pile, horizontal washing vacuum cleaners with a full-fledged water spray system are perfect.
  8. The ideal option for Allergy sufferers, families with small children and just obsessed with cleanliness will be a washing vacuum cleaner with an Aquafilter.
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