How to make a home cozy: 7 simple and working tips

How to make a home cozy: 7 simple and working tips

1. Get rid of excess things

Your house is not a warehouse or lost and found so it is time to sort at last cases and for the sake of a coziness to throw out away all collected stuff.

Sort clothes: hopelessly the place in a garbage can, and those that look seemingly decently, but just are not pleasant to the spoiled and frankly old things, it is possible to try to sell on Internet flea markets. Bring order to boxes with cosmetics and household chemicals. Everything spoiled down with, you should not use it.

The same story with household appliances. Constantly overheating mixer, the iron with the shabby cord rewound by an insulating tape — it seems, trifles, but at frequent use, even small shortcomings begin to irritate.

At this stage, your purpose is to get rid of everything that disturbs you or irritates. The house — the place where we have a rest from alarms and cares so let at least here enrages nothing.

2. Add to an interior of unusual details

Sterilely clean apartment where everything lies literally on a ruler, is not for life. To get rid of the feeling that you are in the hotel room, small details will help.

Photos, pictures, an unusual tapestry or the napkin connected by your hands — similar trifles add an identity. Your house — reflection of your interests and tastes so do not hesitate in self-expression.

The only thing that is necessary to remember — functionality first of all. For example, the rug with long pile can nicely look near a sofa, but you will regret one thousand times about purchase when you clean it. The same story with an abundance of figurines on shelves — at first it is necessary to move away from them, then to dust, to sort things out … Try to reach a reasonable compromise in the choice between beauty and convenience.

3. You watch purity

Not to kill on cleaning all days off, break it into stages — it is simpler than in a day to try to cope with what collected in a week.

Here the approximate plan of daily affairs. You can add other tasks and change the order of their performance. The sense is that purity maintenance — continuous process, but not a feat of times in two weeks.

  • Monday: be tidied up in the bathroom and arrange washing.
  • Tuesday: stroke the washed things.
  • Wednesday: wipe dust.
  • Thursday: vacuum a floor.
  • Friday: wash up a plate and get rid of the products which were stale in the fridge.
Everything, by the end of the week, is clean at your place. There are only trifles of type of change of bed linen and washing of clothes which you plan to carry next week. It is better to wash clothes on Saturday that on Sunday to stroke it and to hang up in a case. Replace bed linen on Sunday, on Monday just start washing.

4. As much as possible simplify the cleaning process

The fewer efforts are required to bring order, the better. Stock up with the correct stock: with it, even clear-out will not be a burden.

To dust napkins from microfiber far quicker and more effectively, than old t-shirts or a piece of the blanket cover which served the. If to wash the floor water with the addition of special means, to wipe the dirt with little effort it will turn out already from the first.

Do you hate sweeping the floors? Buy the good vacuum cleaner, and business from the end.

The compact vertical vacuum cleaner — the good decision for owners of small apartments where it is difficult to find the place for storage of more volume models. At the same time, it will save you from a need to manually clean carpets and upholstery of upholstered furniture.

It will be absolutely good if the vacuum cleaner is equipped with the cyclonic filter, but not a bag for collecting dust.

The dust collected in a bag interferes with free air circulation, therefore, absorption power on the course of cleaning falls. Models with cyclonic filters are deprived of this shortcoming.

5. Get houseplants

First, it is beautiful. Plants are capable to make cozier even the saddest apartment. Secondly, they purify the air so if you live in not the safest area in terms of ecology not to do without green friends.

The sansevieria (pike tail), chlorophytum, spathiphyllum, and Benjamin’s ficus perfectly cope with air clarification. They do not demand difficult leaving so they will suit even to those who do not have relations with plants.

6. You remember fresh air

If in the apartment there is nothing to breathe, and it is senseless to speak about the comfortable atmosphere. Create the rule to regularly air rooms, it is possible even to arrange through airings: for 5–10 minutes you open all windows — and off it went.

You watch the humidity of the air. Here the hygrometer would be useful, but it is possible to cope also make-shifts. Pour cold water in a glass and leave it in the fridge at several o’clock until water is cooled approximately up to 3 °C. Put a glass in the room far away from batteries and you watch what happens to it further.

If you feel what at home to pant, at you constantly dries up in a throat – it is a sure sign that it is time to get a humidifier. When choosing pay attention to its volume and speed of evaporation. Ideally, the device has to be capable to work all night long that you had not to switch off it or to add water.

The more quietly the humidifier works, the better — was not enough still to wake up at night because of noise and gurgle. Quite a good option — the device which is able not only to humidify but also to flavor air. Everything is elementary: you add to the tank with water several drops of essential oil, in a few minutes on the apartment the pleasant aroma will float.

7. Choose suitable lighting

Warm light — our everything. It is suitable for the creation of the cozy atmosphere much more than cold office lighting. You should not go too far in brightness — if the apartment is lit better than any operating room, a coziness it will hardly add.

Experiment with additional light sources. A floor lamp, a sconce or a desk lamp — you look at a situation. In the living room place a local light source near a sofa or chairs, in the bedroom — on a table or a bedside table with a bed, in kitchen — over a dining table., It seems, trifles, but general impression, as a result, is better than from the rooms lit with light of only one chandelier.
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