6 rules of home comfort

6 rules of home comfort

The coziness is not only a set of your personal feelings but also a special order of things. To be exact, their harmony. Aleksandra will share rules, conforming to which it is possible to turn into a nice nest even the room in a low-family.

Provide the correct light

That is the apartment it was not too dark, as in a crypt, or, on the contrary, light as in a surgical office, light sources have to be a little. If in the apartment high ceilings — add to a chandelier a floor lamp at a wall or a lamp over a sofa. Cozy, but at the same time, not too bright lighting will be created by garlands like Christmas, only white color. They cope with a task during any season. Replace switches with rotary regulators and every evening solves as far as to you light and it is cozy.

Deal with smells

The smell is nearly the first that meets you at a threshold. It is clear, that air in the house has to be free from any obsolete organic chemistry. For this purpose, it is necessary to clean several times a year ventilating grates, pipes in the bathroom and carpets and also to erase curtains and plaids more often. And having only made it, it is possible to add additional aromas. Oils, candles and a sachet — boring classics. And here is cozier than a smell of the real baked apples with cinnamon, still, nobody created some cowberry pie or coffee (it is possible to select according to taste). Therefore the rule in the rule: prepare houses!

Liquidate a draft

Even the coolest designer will not deceive a human body. About any coziness there is no speech also if you have to escape constantly from drafts. Get rid of cracks in windows, spread rugs of different texture and color on a floor — they can be interchanged the position or moved away at all, for example in the summer.

“Dress” windows

It is better that dense curtains adjoined to translucent. In the winter weighty curtains will add a coziness, and will save from early dawn in the summer. It is better if curtains for winter and summer are different coloring — the known reception of change of scenery which brings a variety at the minimum changes in an interior.

Remove furniture from a wall

The Soviet templates often induce us to place furniture on the perimeter and to lean by all means against a wall. Try to group chairs and a sofa around a coffee table or just to put the friend opposite to the friend, but not in front of the TV. More interestingly and more cozy to zone the room, the open rack or an angular sofa is useful.

Tell a story

Space has to call for action. An ideal order where books are picked up for height, and the cover is filled in a soldier’s way, can create a feeling of the stateroom. A desktop with open books, the warm house sweater left on a chair apple on a kitchen table, a coffee mug on a bedside curbstone, the plaid which purposely is hanging down from the edge of a sofa. Design — it where there is history. And a coziness — where this story about you.

Be not afraid to experiment and change space around yourself, and professionals will help to keep it clean.

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