5 most common mistakes in interior design

5 most common mistakes in interior design

Designers listed the main mistakes spoiling a view of any dwelling. The list of things that can be met in every second apartment turned out. Check, suddenly and in yours they are.

1. Wrong carpet

Two important points are connected with a carpet at once. First, if it is about the living room and other general spaces, then at them it forms a base and has to contain all the furniture of the room. The small carpet on which it is impossible to squeeze a sofa and a couple of chairs looks ridiculously.

Another mistake concerns the bedroom. Remember: the carpet needs to be placed perpendicular to a bed, but not lengthways.


It has to appear kind from under a bed and together with it to create T-shaped composition. If the carpet just lies nearby, the interior looks silly.

Caitlin Murray, foundress and CEO of the Black Lacquer Design company

2. The stuff is in the public eye

“When you create the open system of storage, for example in the form of shelves or racks, think over that will be there. It will also become registration of your room” — Murray says about the second popular mistake.

Its essence is as follows: between an eclectic combination of things and a chaotic disorder, there is a big difference. And on open surfaces you have to have the first, but not the second. Therefore be convinced that accessories are competently placed and create an integral, harmonious picture.

3. Too similar furniture

Time of sets passed. Now, if the furniture is picked ideally up to each other, it indicates not great taste of the owner rather, and lack of imagination at it. So leave identical objects for catalogs, and to the house choose the furniture not similar to monoovular twins.

The best rooms — those which look so as if they were equipped eventually.

Max Humphrey, interior designer

4. It is not enough lighting

Other reception in registration which sank into the past — the only chandelier on the room. The chandelier, of course, can be, but it is necessary to add to it additional lighting. It both improves visibility and gives to dynamics space.

The designer Holly Hickey Moore advises to use, besides ceiling light, floor lamps and desk lamps.

5. Lack of decor

Objects of art and decor as accessories in clothes, finish an image. In this case image of the room.


They are also important, as well as other elements of an interior: furniture, carpets, the TV and everything that you want to have in the house.

Halle Hiki Moore, interior designer

If you do not dream to live in boring and faceless space, dilute it with bright details: pictures, posters, vases or candles. With them, the apartment will gain identity at once and will become cozier.

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