16 life hacks for home improvement from an interior designer

To create a coziness, one candle is enough, and it is possible to refresh an interior painting of wall-paper.

Designer Alec Babkin (@alekbabkin) shared on Twitter tips to help save money during repairs and make the house cozier.

16 life hacks for home improvement from an interior designer

Define the requirements

The creation of interior design and preparation for repair begin with an understanding of requirements. If you plan the bedroom, with a high probability in it there will be a place for storage. Before choosing a sofa and wall-paper, count all your things, up to pants and socks.

In details plan zones

Consider how to zone space, but without furniture and other decisions. Just take the plan of the room and draw on it circles: where to sleep, where to read, and where to store detergents and an ironing board. It will help to define what zones will be in itself and what — multifunctional. For example, a kitchen with an additional berth.

Observe sequence when planning an interior

It is better to choose the color of the walls after deciding on furniture. So you will secure yourself against the need to select an angular sofa under wall-paper of iridescent color.

Resolve an issue with electrics in advance

Agree, it is much more convenient when each electric device has the socket, and under legs, there is no scattering of extenders.

Think over lighting

There are three basic types of lighting:

  • functional;
  • mood light;
  • the general.

Lighting plays an important role in the perception of space and affects health. And utilizing good location of lamps and windows, it is possible to make the room visually more.

Use functional light

It serves for convenience: working lamps, lamps for reading, table-top illumination in a kitchen or internal illumination of cases. It is necessary to begin the design of lighting with it.

By the way, in some cafes and shops over tables lamps freeze up – it is functional light too. It is necessary so that is it was more comfortable, and the food looked more appetizing. Such lamps it is necessary to hang up at distance 60 cm from a table.

Put candles to create a cozy atmosphere

Mood light — for peace of mind. Here and floor lamps in a corner of rooms, both illumination of pictures, and lamps on window sills.

Small life hack: for creation of mood of a rather usual candle. It can be used through every day.

For example, in Scandinavia lamps near a window is a tradition. So earlier wives of soldiers and seamen showed to the men that wait for them. Some kind of beacon on which those looked for a way home.

Estimate whether the general light is necessary to you

A classical example of the general light — a chandelier in the center of the room. Its existence is not always obligatory. It is enough to look at rooms in hotels which are limited to functional illumination and light of mood.

Observe an order when planning to light

It is necessary to create a design of lighting in such order: function → mood → the general.

Use more light colors in an interior

If you have a dark side of the house or there is just not enough light, paint walls white color and use more light furniture.

Perfectly white or light gray walls look. The universality and compatibility of light tones with other flowers add more features when choosing an interior design.

Paint wall-paper to refresh an interior

And through white paint, it is possible to update easily killed rental apartments. Buy a bank of water emulsion and walk the roller on walls, it is possible to even on old wall-paper. The fact that they will come unstuck from it — the myth.

Decide on furniture, and begin finishing later

All designers hate when they are asked to pick up furniture under ready finishing. It rejects the mass of interesting options at once.

You lay on a floor tight covered

In the kitchen, in the bathroom and the bathroom, a floor has to be completely tight. And the choice between linoleum and a parquet — a matter of taste. There are expensive and qualitative linoleum which will serve longer than some parquets.

Save on registration using textiles

Textiles are an inexpensive and easy way to update housing. Just replace curtains, a plaid, throw pillows or covers for a sofa, and your living room considerably will change. Those who love all new can buy several different sets for dressing and change every season.

 Zone space a cloth

For example, with its help, it is possible to fence off a berth from the worker if you have a one-room apartment. Or to cover a case with things and to save on doors.

Hang up additional curtains

To make windows the coziest, use three options of a cloth: tulle, easy and dense curtains. Depending on style it is possible to combine different colors, for example, one curtain monophonic, another — with a pattern, and the third — neutral.

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