9 gadgets that will make your home cozier

9 gadgets that will make your home cozier

The coziness is not carpets on each wall and figurines on the shelf, and things which make life easier. Made the list of such gadgets — now you will precisely know what to present to yourself or relatives for New year.

Thanks to the Internet these gadgets do our houses cozier and pleasant for life.

1. Teapot

Not simple, and clever. Such a device can boil water and warm up it up to the optimum temperature to make tea and coffee or to dissolve children’s dairy mix. The teapot will maintain the set temperature till 12 o’clock.

It is possible to operate the smart device even far from the house, but the stable Internet and the additional device — for example, a clever column, the rolling idle smartphone or the tablet is for this purpose necessary. You send the team, the column or the smartphone accept it and on Bluetooth redirect to a teapot.

Some models have also an illumination in which color can be changed. Such options will be suitable for fans of romantic dinners: will be as by candlelight, only with a teapot. When choosing a teapot pay attention to whether there is on the case a display with water temperature — so it is not necessary to grab the smartphone constantly.

2. Robot vacuum cleaner

9 gadgets that will make your home cozier

After the working day cleaning — the last what there is a wish to think of but to wait for days off and to save on corners clouds of dust too not an option. Robotcleaner will save from regular exercises with a broom and a scoop. You need to give only the command that it is time to begin cleaning, and further he will cope: investigates each corner of the apartment and will collect all dust and crumbs.

If the vacuum cleaner has continuous access to Network, he will be able to report on the beginning and completion of the process and still will send you to the smartphone a signal of the help if suddenly gets stuck on a threshold or under a sofa.

The robot can set the schedule of cleaning for all week that he brought order, you at work so far. And with such vacuum cleaner, your pets for certain will make friends: be going to collect video collection as the cat with a high drive on the apartment on the robot.

3. A TV with Smart TV technology

To watch all the family the favorite soap opera on the smartphone — doubtful pleasure. With the laptop it is difficult too: under cinema, there is a wish to roll with popcorn, but the computer still needs kakto be attached near itself on a sofa.

If long ago were going to update the TV, look narrowly at models from Smart TV. Such a device can be connected to Wi‑Fi and to watch movies and soap operas directly from the Internet.

There is also a more budgetary option of the organization of the home theater. You buy a media player, you connect it to the TV, you broadcast video from the smartphone or the computer and you enjoy movies on the big screen. However, that focus was successful, the fast Internet is necessary, otherwise, the video will brake.

4. Climate control system

Winter — a hard time for skin. Hot batteries dry air, and skin of an is of it itches and is shelled. Mucous gets too: if constantly you have felt as if in eyes sand, is a sure sign that humidity of air in the room too low.

Wet towels on the battery — the last century. To collect a house system climate control, buy the humidity sensor, a clever humidifier, and the smart socket. The sensor will watch that air did not become too dry, and if necessary will give a signal to the socket that it included a humidifier.

If there are no house problems with the Internet, the sensor it is possible to operate remotely. He will report on the current temperature and humidity of air at any time, and also can show the schedule of changes of these indicators.

5. Smart socket

Even if you do not plan to collect the full-fledged smart house yet, the smart socket for certain is useful. For all who are regularly late because constantly comes back home with halfway to check this rescue whether the iron is switched off. With such socket of any disorders: it is operated online so it is necessary just to open the application on the smartphone and to disconnect it from the power supply network.

Still, the smart device watches how much energy consumes the devices connected to it: nakednessto you learn from where impressive accounts for electricity undertake every month. It is possible to adjust the schedule of work: if you suspect that the child does not sleep at night, and it is secretly cut in games, switch-off the socket for the period of a dream.

6. Detectors of smoke and leakages

The detector of smoke can be installed in the kitchen or in the living room, and leakage sensors — both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. They are connected to the Internet via the mobile application and in time will report if houses toto went not so.

There will be a smoke source — the smoke detector will react to it with a siren, and also will send the notification to the smartphone. He is able to watch also the temperature in the room: at sharp increase, the vigilant device will send you dense forests and at the same time can cut off power all devices connected to smart sockets.

If the washing machine stuffs and will leak or will be watered too much the got littered sink, the first you learn about it, but not neighbors. It is that case when the care superfluous does not happen: it is better to spend on sensors than then to give a fantastic sum for repair.

7. Clever lamp

Yes, lamps are clever too. They are able to change the temperature and brightness of light on command from the smartphone. With such a lamp additional light sources are not necessary. You can include full illumination or adjust soft warm light for a cozy sit-round gathering. At some lamps is Diskoready for house parties: light-emitting diodes blink, and colors change randomly.

It becomes simpler to fill up and wake up with a clever lamp. It is possible to adjust the schedule of inclusion and shutdown and to choose a suitable scenario: decline or dawn. The lamp will imitate natural lighting, gradually reducing or increasing brightness.

8. Smart heater

How about the heater which does not do the account for electricity frightening, and turns on only when it is really necessary? The smart device passes into the active mode if the temperature in the room falls below the set limit. When it becomes indoors rather warm, the temperature will be maintained in the mode of economic energy consumption.

There is an option more abruptly: the heater which turns on when at a certain distance from it the person appears. Left the house — the device is automatically deactivated. Such equipment is protected from overheating and is switched off when falling. If your animals like to arrange disorder, you at work so far, they can drop easily the heater, but the fire will not be.

Such an electric device online will communicate with you. When you gather from work home, you open the application on the smartphone and you set the temperature up to which it is necessary to warm up the room. However, as well as in a case with a teapot, the additional device — the smartphone or the tablet for this purpose is required.

9. Clever column

A real think-tank of the hi-tech house: if it is necessary to include a lamp or the vacuum cleaner — you report about it to a column, and it distributes teams to devices. It is possible to apply even ready scenarios: for example, before the arrival of guests, the column will start robotpylons and will remind a teapot that it is necessary to boil water.

The gadget is able to go on-line so at simple search queries can replace the smartphone. For example, it will tell what with weather and exchange rate, and also will warn about traffic jams.

The clever column can replace the alarm clock for people who seized art to disconnect it on the smartphone and at the same time not to wake up. If it is necessary, she will call the taxi or will even read to children the fairy tale for the night. And yes, at all this the column can be used directly and to listen to favorite music.

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