10 tips on how to create a hugge atmosphere at home

Turn your home into a quiet, cozy and warm place from which you do not want to leave.

10 tips on how to create a hugge atmosphere at home

But in practice hygge is absolutely simple and clear thing which was felt by everyone, especially in the childhood. This feeling of serenity, security, simple happiness.

In the book and on the Internet there are many councils on how to comprehend huge, but not all of them are feasible in the megalopolis, especially in the cold season. We understand that in the city not so just to find a fireplace or to kindle a fire. At this Hugge can help to restore forces and, most likely, to make you happier at least for a while.

There are below 10 simple pieces of advice which will help to create Hugge atmosphere at your place and which can be applied right now.

1. Use candles and several different light sources

During the day we are pursued by bright uniform lighting: at offices, shops, cafe. For a feeling of comfort, besides light, also shadows are necessary. That there were shadows, several sources that will create islands of light are necessary. Soft lighting creates a pleasant and weakening atmosphere.
Put lamps on a table and a floor. It is better if they are with lampshades and plafond from opaque glass. The bulb power, the warmer it light therefore it is better to buy simple glow lamps with power no more than 150 W is less.

One more option to receive the muffled light — to light a garland. Well, and of course, candles — a symbol of romanticism which is easy to give every party.

2. Build Hugge corner

For this purpose, there are enough several small pillows and a blanket. Do you remember how in childhood the house or even the whole fortress from this could turn out? We sat in our construction in the feeling of complete security from the outside world. Ideally, it is possible to arrange such a corner on a window sill and to watch the street and fires of the house opposite, but it is possible to choose the place on a floor or a sofa, the main thing that to you it was comfortable.

3. Switch-off gadgets

Arrange a digital-detox. You will surely check messages, the film, and news, but later. Give rest to eyes, a brain, and soul. By the way, according to the research Effect of the Digital Age on Sleep, Stress and Mental Health, 80% of people breathe less often when they look at the phone or the computer. And from a lack of oxygen, as we know, the level of stress which and so is enough for us increases. According to different data, we check smartphones of 150-200 times a day. So let’s find time for ourselves, but not a device.

4. Be wrapped up in plaid and put on knitted socks

The convenience and coziness are that it is necessary for you after unlucky day. Put on the favorite trousers in which you will never go outside, and enjoy freedom.

5. Sweets and hot drinks

Here everything is clear. Chocolate, cakes, cakes, candies, coffee, tea, cocoa … What can be simpler and finer? Among very best Hugge sweets is usually called by rolls with cinnamon, the potato cake, chocolate cake.

6. Unpack old photos

Do you remember albums with photos? My darlings are where it was possible to do signatures to everyone, such analog of modern Instagram. Now our photos are scattered on social networks. Devote evening to bring together them, and unpack, make an album or a memorable wall.

7. Write the letter to someone or yourself about the happiest moments

When we write, we realize better what occurred, and once again we endure happiness moments. Write the letter to the loved one or yourself in the future.

8. Call friends and make dinner together

Lay together a table with a cloth, candles, beautiful napkins, flowers, beautiful ware. It would seem, such simple action, but what can bring together better, than the general meal? And here Hugge option in Russian: stick with friends or relatives of home-made pelmeni or vareniki.

9. Buy something from antiques

Get a figurine, a lamp, a chair or present the second life to an old subject. As it is pleasant to find something special in a huge number of faceless goods which offer us in a mass-market. Especially now there are a lot of decent vintage shops where bring selected goods from Europe.

Things with history are a nostalgia, emotions and other value in the opinion of their owner. It is not obligatory to throw out a thing if it became outdated. For example, we in coffee shop have an old chair which we sheathed new fabric, it perfectly fitted into an interior and now is always occupied by our visitors.

10. Get acquainted with neighbors and make in a corridor exchange office books

Seriously, it is better to know who lives behind a wall. Believe, these people have similar experiences, fears, and pleasures. And after acquaintance to neighbors, even their noise already not so irritates.

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