We put things in order, giving cleaning only 20 minutes a day

We put things in order, giving cleaning only 20 minutes a day

Your apartment turned into a huge warehouse of unnecessary junk? You are lazy to dust on a case and to sort a pile of magazines for the last 10 years? There is an instruction as in 1 month, having spent only 20 minutes a day, completely to change your dwelling, having got rid of all unnecessary.

What to begin with

Before starting a resolute fight against already collected stuff, garbage and a disorder in your house, introduce several new rules:

1) A zone of the entering things
In the hall allocate a corner for everything that you bring to the house from a shop, from the storeroom, from a garage or just after the next visit of the supermarket behind products, clothes and other vital things. This corner has to be small that things could not collect there, and would regularly understand and were displayed in the places (from fridges to cases and shelves).

2) Begin to wash the dishes right after food
Mountains of dirty ware will not be saved near your sink and to turn into a threat for form’s sake in your kitchen. Yes, for this purpose it will be necessary to overcome the laziness and to give minutes 10-15 after breakfast, a lunch or a dinner. But after one or two weeks of such a schedule you suddenly will find out that in the kitchen there are no unclear congestions from dirty pans, plates, frying pans, spoons and cups anymore. If you do not cope in the manual mode – start at least the small dishwasher: this investment with interest will pay off.

3) Do not turn washing into an event of the week
To accumulate in the bathroom the mountain of unwashed things, towels and shirts – not the best idea. Be engaged in washing on the course that a small number of dirty things regularly left your washing basket.

4) Music and whistling – pledge of good mood
You can sing, whistle to yourself under a nose or turn on the music while you remove the house. Music sets a rhythm and perfectly motivates. If you do not know what to take for music, – here great options of a soundtrack.

5) Use the timer
It will be a question further of how to remove and order your house, having spent no more than 20 minutes a day for the performance of 1 task daily. In a month your house will change – but without timer and control of the spent time, you will not manage to keep the chosen speed. So use any timer with a signal: from your alarm clock to mobile phone timer.

We pass to the 30-day plan “20 minutes a day”

Each number in this list is a separate day. 30 days, 20 minutes a day – and your apartment or the private house will turn into clean and removed. Here what you should make:

  1. We clean the living room and kitchen from dust (we wipe tables, regiments, cases, we vacuum a floor or a carpet, we sweep)
  2. We clean the bathroom and a toilet (we wash sinks, toilet bowls, mirrors, the bathroom or a shower cabin, a floor and walls we wipe)
  3. We clean the bedroom (on places we put all things, we remove children’s toys in boxes, we hang up clothes into place, we dust)
  4. We clean other rooms (the utility room, an office, the nursery – if they are)
  5. We wipe tables and all surfaces in the living room and kitchen
  6. We clean the bathroom
  7. We wash all windows in the apartment or the house (we do not forget about newspapers and vinegar for glasses – it is cheap, angry, quickly and effectively, and any tough chemistry)
  8. We sweep all floors in the house (if there is a ladder in the private house – we do not forget about it)
  9. We dust in the bedroom
  10. We arrange cleaning in the living room (mirrors, surfaces, we wipe from the dust of a figurine, a picture or souvenirs on shelves)
  11. We clean the bathroom and a toilet
  12. We direct an express order in cases (to hang up things in cases, to spread out accessories to shelves, to fold clothes on the places)
  13. We wipe the dust in other rooms
  14. We clean the bedroom thoroughly (pillows on places to wipe dust under a sofa or a bed, we re-make beds, we dust on figurines and souvenirs, lamps and fans, we sweep, we put things on places)
  15. We wipe the dust in the living room and kitchen
  16. We clean the bathroom and a toilet thoroughly (garbage baskets, we wipe mirrors, we dust, we put things into place)
  17. We wipe all door handles, receivers and mobile phones, panels, switches, a handrail and all things, objects and objects which constantly we take hands.
  18. We defreeze, we wash and we wipe the fridge, we throw out all stale products and drugs, we put all the rest in places
  19. We clean the hall, we sweep a porch (if it is), we bring order to the car
  20. We dust in the living room and kitchen
  21. We dust in the bathroom and we wash surfaces
  22. We dust in the bedroom
  23. We sweep and vacuum all floors in rooms
  24. We clean up cases
  25. We dust in the living room and kitchen
  26. We clean kitchen thoroughly (we wash, we wipe, we throw out the garbage, we put new napkins, towels, garbage bags)
  27. We wipe all surfaces in the bathroom and a toilet
  28. We dust in the bedroom
  29. Carefully wipe, wash up and clean off something that you did not have enough time the last 28 days for
  30. We sweep and vacuum the floors in the house


Frankly speaking, on some of these tasks at you 20 minutes, only will leave if you call to yourself a couple of assistants from among the family, relatives or friends.

Several councils finally

It is possible to repeat this scheme of careful 30-day cleaning time in few months or quarterly. Frequency and intensity of cleaning depends on the size of your house/apartment and on as far as everything in the house is started :)

Besides observance of the schedule and the submitted list of actions, important also just to put things back, to develop at itself a habit not to litter and not to scatter things on the house.

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