Tips Leo Babauta: how to get rid of junk in the apartment

Tips Leo Babauta: how to get rid of junk in the apartment

The cluttered-up dwelling is not only constant search of the necessary things and the bad atmosphere, but it is also a projection of your inner world, what happens at you in the head. Here several councils from Leo Babauta how to begin to get rid of trash in the house and to open for itself the new world without unnecessary things.

The longer the person lives in one place, the more accumulates unnecessary things: lovely souvenirs, boxes from under technique, old things which should be thrown out long ago and another garbage which “can be useful”. The famous blogger Leo Babauta advocating minimalism as lifestyle suffered from this addiction too — to save houses of the mountain of trash, but at it, it turned out to get rid of it. Read its councils how “to remove the trash” the house and why it must be done to each person.

One of my favorite habits which I acquired since changed life nine years ago is the maintenance of order in the house without accumulation of trash. Now I understand that I always hated dirtiness, but didn’t allow itself to think of it therefore such thoughts were unpleasant.

The thought of what should be removed so much just frightened me, and I always found some affairs or suddenly felt tired — generally, procrastinated.

But then I decided to get rid of trash after all; gradually, on one small group of things for a time, I began to clean the house, and everything turned out. It was just opening, generally, because I also didn’t suspect that I can make it, didn’t make yet. What is even more surprising and it is fine — together with trash my life was left by irritation and ruin.

That is establishing order in the house meant not just purity, but also a peaceful life in the spirit of minimalism. Now I spend less time cleaning, maintenance of order and even search for the necessary things. I spend less money on things and I store fewer things. Almost I am not bound to things.

Here a small manual for all who want to get rid of trash in the house long ago. Of course, this process won’t be the instantaneous, and even you won’t call it fast — there can pass months before your house gets rid of trash. But if it is correct to do everything, the process will be fascinating and cheerful, and finally, it will result in you in internal freedom and extension of opportunities.

1. Begin with small
Mountains of a trash can be simply stunning and therefore we put its shoveling “away for later” which will never come. The best that I invented to make — to concentrate on one small point of the house and to begin with it.

Good example — a complete kitchen, the desktop or a shelf. Clean everything in a scheduled point, leave only what is really necessary. Accurately put the necessary things back, and remaining sort. Something should be thrown out, something — to present or sell. Sorting will take you only 10 minutes, and it is possible to give things which won’t be useful to you later.

2. Sort in parts
So, you exempted a small part of the house from trash. Perfectly, you will experience the pride in yourself and pleasure from the executed business. But how to be with the remaining house? It is still typed by trash. Give to this occupation 10 minutes a day or more if the enthusiasm wakes up.

If you have free time during weekend, you can make a big piece of operation and remove much more, than on weekdays. If there is desire, can spend all day off for shoveling of trash generally.

3. Use a simple method
Put all things from one part of the house, for example from all boxes of the desktop, in one heap. Derive one thing from this heap and wonder: “I love it? I use it?”. It isn’t present, then safely throw out. The main thing — don’t put the decision away for later.

If the response “yes”, find for it a certain place, her “house”. If you love anything or it is really necessary for you, it deserves to receive the place to which you will return it’s every time after use.

As soon as you decide on one thing, get the following and repeat everything at first. If to work quickly and to quickly make decisions, you can sort a heap of things in 10 minutes (of course if this heap isn’t huge).

4. Directly put in a trunk
Things which aren’t necessary any more shall leave your house as soon as possible. For this purpose put them in a packet and a car trunk. As required you will throw out them or you will give somebody. If there is no machine, put packets with unnecessary things near a door not to forget to throw out them.

5. Talk to native (cohabitants)
If you live with other people, they will be surprised when you begin to get rid of trash. You shall talk to them before beginning. Explain why you do it, and let them participate in decision-making about things too.

It isn’t necessary to press or persuade, try to talk, tell, maybe, to show this article. If they don’t agree, nothing terrible. Put away the personal stuff, only the things, and show the the result. Probably, when they will see all the advantages, they will agree to changes.

6. Trace the resistance
In the course of disposal of trash you, most likely, will have an internal resistance. Even if you don’t use a thing when the time to get rid of it comes, there can be a strong unwillingness to do.

For example, it can be a photo of darling, a gift from the family member, memorable things from a wedding or traveling or something else. It is surprising how we connect objects to memories and love for other people.

Actually in these useless things there is no love — it in you. So to get rid of a trash, leaving inside only feelings — the useful practice.

7. Enjoy process
If you begin to perceive the disposal of trash as the next boring homework, there will be no progress. With high probability you will invent to yourself excuses getting rid of this optional routine.

Instead perceive disposal of trash as release process, a step to internal completeness and clarity. Smile during sorting and ejection of unnecessary things, focus on breathing, on the body, on movements, on the feelings concerning things which you sort. It is a useful practice, and I recommend to be engaged in it to each person.

These steps won’t help you to get rid of trash for some days off. But you can enjoy the process until you completely get rid of trash and your house doesn’t change. You fall in love with these changes as strongly as I love them

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