The easiest way to put the apartment in order

The easiest way to put the apartment in order

In what essence

Admit that the effect of cleaning does not last long. Sooner or later you should display anew things in places or throw out something. The decision is.

Every day get rid of one unnecessary thing in the house.

It can be some trifle, something broken or broken. In other words, what only litters the apartment and is not pleasing to the eye at all.

Such cleaning will occupy a couple of minutes in a day. But it will allow keeping the apartment as it should be in the long term.

How to use this method!

Determine terms

Try to adhere to this way within a month to check its efficiency. And not to forget, hang up to yourself a sticker with a reminder.

Only do not aim to clean up all the apartment during this period. For a start just look at the results of the work.

Focus on one place or the room

Do you have up to the top a hammered case which you were afraid to approach? Begin with it. To remove on one thing a day will not make for you big work. When the case is put in order, pass to other zones.

You do not stint charity

If you have unnecessary things which are in good condition, put them in a separate package. Perhaps, they will be useful to someone else. So you not only clean the house but also will bring benefits to persons in need.

Employing this way, you will understand what purchases to avoid in the future. Noticed that you get rid of a set of clothes of one style or the same kitchen features? Means, you already hardly want them to get again.

Do not limit yourself

If you began to enjoy and can get rid easily of a bigger quantity of things, do it. So you will become even closer to the ultimate goal.

Continue in the same spirit

If you do not throw out unnecessary things, in the house there will be a disorder again. Do not forget about it.

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