How much time and money do we spend on self cleaning

The apartment is small, but you start cleaning-penthouse. Familiar? Many do not like to clean, but few have thought about how many resources eat the notorious order in the house. Is it worth spending your life on rags and mops?

How much time and money do we spend on self cleaning

Everything changes! In the 1960s, Housewives spent about 44 hours a week on housework, more than six hours a day. But technological progress has significantly reduced these numbers. Now dirty dishes can be entrusted to the dishwasher, cooking-multivariate, Laundry-washing machine, and the floor-a robot vacuum cleaner. Modern citizens spend on cleaning “only” a year and a half of their lives. Stop! A year and a half?!

Together with Qlean, We calculated how much time and money people spend to clean the house on their own. Results unpleasantly surprised.


In 2013, British scientists conducted a study and found that their compatriots spend 12,896 hours of their lives cleaning. On average, four hours a week. And we are talking only about basic hygiene: cleaning the countertops in the kitchen, placing things in places and the like. Most Britons clean the floor and vacuum once a week, and Polish the Windows, clean the toilet or wipe the dust on the cabinets-even less often.

After analyzing women’s Internet forums, we realized that our ladies spend at least 2-4 hours a week on maintaining cleanliness. 104-208 hours per year. This is without washing, Ironing, washing dishes, and time to care for children and Pets.

The cleaners have their own cleaning algorithm. They start with the living rooms: clean up the garbage, carefully sort clean and dirty things, fold clothes, put everything in its place, wipe the dust, Polish the mirrors and wash the floor. Next-bathroom and toilet: start with the fact that they collect garbage, lay out things, wipe all surfaces from the shelves to the taps and thoroughly clean the sink, toilet, bath or shower. The next destination is the kitchen, then the hallway. The cleaner moves from the depth of the apartment to the exit, so as not to spread the dirt chaotic movements from one room to another. All this takes about four hours. Time increases if the client orders additional services: washing Windows, Ironing, cleaning the oven and more.

While the cleaner puts things in order, you can go with the children to the Park, go shopping, go to a visit or a gym. It is not necessary to sit at home and watch — we have very strict conditions for the selection and control of personnel. When the cleaning is finished, the customer evaluates its quality on the check-list and only then pays-in cash or by card. Usually there is nothing to complain about, but if the owner still remains dissatisfied, the cleaner will clean again, for free.Qlean

Men generally hate to clean. According to the same British researchers, they devote half as much time to cleaning the house as women-6,448 hours. At the same time, 16% of guys admitted that they never clean! There are logical economic, social and psychological explanations for this.

First, men are more focused on careers: when you leave home at seven and come back after midnight, not before cleaning. Secondly, most of the stronger sex just does not notice the mess: the chair copes with the functions of the Cabinet, and socks are not lying around, but lie near the bed: still in the morning to wear. Thirdly, there is still a prejudice that cleaning is not a man’s business.


We only had two male kliners. And they quickly left because they are more interested in the secrets of the business, not the cleaning. Our staff consists of students and women of about 40 years. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are more accurate, methodical and patient, and these are important qualities for a professional cleaner. For example, in the regulations there is a color coding of premises. The bedroom is green, the kitchen is red, and so on. This means that only certain cleaning products and tools should be used for each color. Women cope with it perfectly, men-not really. And in General, it is easier for girls to be polite and invisible to the owners of the apartment.

According to the Daily Mail, Britons spend more than a million pounds a year on household chemicals.

So, to thoroughly wash the entire apartment, you need at least 240 minutes. Not everyone can clean up for 40 minutes every day, and the dirt accumulates permanently. Therefore, de facto people are cleaned once a week. And often on household Affairs are killed all weekend: in between cleaning you cook, you go for products, you direct audit in a case… the Average timekeeping is that: four hours a week and 208 hours a year. And this-for a moment-one year and three months of life (provided that you live 60 years or more).

While the clean employee tidies up, you can go with the children to the Park

We do not skimp on “chemistry”. First, we value the health of the staff. The cleaner is in contact with cleaning products for 4-8 hours in a row. Therefore, they must meet international standards and be 100% safe. Secondly, we take care of customers, their children, and Pets. We only use hypoallergenic cleaning products

In addition to costs, cleaning on their own is also a “lost profit”. Working on the system of time-based pay knows how valuable in the truest sense of the word their time. But you can calculate how much an hour of your work costs, even if you have a piecework salary. Divide the salary by the number of working hours per month. For example, according to the production calendar in the month of 168 working hours, and s/n is 50 000 rubles. The arithmetic is simple: 50 000 rubles divided by 168 hours, we get 297 rubles 61 kopecks. In other words, in this case, a person, spending four hours cleaning, will miss a profit of almost 1,200 rubles.

We do not consider the cost of cleaning by square meters. It matters only the number of rooms: one-bedroom apartment – 1 990 rubles, two-bedroom-2 490 rubles, three-bedroom – 2 990 rubles. Cleaners equally well cope with modest 40-meter odnushkami, and with apartments in 120 and more square meters.

Customers so, too, feel more comfortable. Many question about the area of the home, special removable baffles — not run well on rooms with a tape measure. Even for the convenience of customers, you have introduced discounts – who orders cleaning constantly, saves 20%.

So, summing up the costs and lost profits, you begin to believe the Internet forums. Of course, spending varies by region and level of living, but self-cleaning is not free, as many think.

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