How to quickly clean the house after a stormy party: instructions from the cleaners

The correct sequence of actions will help to turn the devastation and chaos back into a cozy home.

How to quickly clean the house after a stormy party: instructions from the cleaners

Open window

After the party, the room should be checked, especially if the guests were Smoking. Immediately empty the ashtrays, because they come from a strong smell, because of which the freshness of the apartment will not return soon.

How to facilitate the process

Do not allow guests to smoke in the apartment. They will disperse, and you still sleep in it. After a night in a smoky room to clean will be much more difficult because of poor health, and the smell will eat into things for centuries.

Collect garbage

Go through the apartment with a package in your hands and put everything there that you need to throw out. At the same time inspect the work front.

Collecting garbage, inspect the premises and mark the places that require attention: stains on the floor, traces of spilled drinks on the surfaces.

Svetlana Popova, cleaner, performer of online service of household services

How to facilitate the process

Place garbage bags or buckets in the party room. Let guests throw away chocolate wrappers, empty cans, bottles and other waste, instead of placing them on the windowsills and tables.

Clean up in kitchen

Professional kliner begin cleaning of surfaces with kitchen. At first wash the dishes to release a sink and to get free access to water. According to Svetlana Popova’s kliner, it is better to display clean ware in places at once and not to litter kitchen surfaces: they should be washed up too.

In kitchen it is possible to cope with difficult spots, having filled in with their special means and having waited until it works. The main thing is to read attentively descriptions on packings.

How to facilitate process Try to wipe an oven, a plate and the microwave before guests as fresh spots are wiped quicker come.


After preparation of dishes for a party wash the dishes at once, without leaving it for later, otherwise you will have a big mountain of ware to which you will not be able to be risen.

Anastasia Dmitrova, expert of company 3M

If the party informal, the good decision becomes disposable tableware. Anastasia Dmitrova also advises to lay a table a cloth which is not a pity for throwing out: so it is not necessary to wipe it from spots.

Fill in plumbing with detergent

Apply cleaner on a bathtub, a sink and a toilet bowl. By then, as you will reach the bathroom, liquids and powders will work, and it will be possible to remove them.

If it is necessary, pour in a drain means for a clearing.

Clean up rooms

After kitchen the kliner bring order to rooms, and then — to the hall.

I recommend to remove from top to down: to wipe high surfaces, then to clean beds and sofas, in the last turn — to vacuum and wash up floors.

Svetlana Popova, kliner, performer of an online service of household services of
How to facilitate process

Before a party lay sofas plaids to save an upholstery from spots. Covers can be put then in the washing machine, and a favourite ottoman — no. Whenever possible, if someone from guests spills something, it is better to wipe it at once.

I advise always to have near at hand napkins from microfiber. They perfectly absorb moisture and dirt, quickly dry.

Anastasia Dmitrova, expert of company 3M

Change water in a bucket more often really to wash the apartment, but not just to smear dirt on surfaces.

Leave the bathroom finally

Such sequence in cleaning is rational: you will go to the bathroom over and over again to pour out water of a bucket or to wash out a rag under flowing water. And it does not make sense to bring order to other rooms simply here.

Wipe plumbing which you providently filled in with special means, mirrors, wash the floors. Throw into washing all towels because guests, most likely, wiped hands not only about those textiles which you hung up on a hanger near a sink.

How to facilitate process

Do not forget about gloves. Means for plumbing rather caustic and if the previous stages of cleaning of a hand are capable to take out, then cleaning of the bathroom can end with a chemical burn of skin.

 Take out all garbage

Collect bags which you used right at the beginning and filled up in the course of cleaning, carry them on a wastebasket and come back to the clean apartment.

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