How to properly care for laminate

How to properly care for laminate

Vinegar, lemon, overlays for pinches of furniture and other means which will protect your floor covering.

Regularly clean up

1. Wipe a floor with a dry rag from microfiber to collect a garbage
Microfiber is ideal for laminate. Dust, crumbs and hair easily sticks to it. If you have no mop with a microfibre nozzle, use terry fabric or cotton.

2. Vacuum with a nozzle for soft coverings
The regular cleaning by the vacuum cleaner will save from dirt, dust and a garbage. Only use at the same time a nozzle for soft coverings not to scratch laminate. Don’t forget to include function of cleaning for a wooden floor.

3. Wash laminate with water with children’s shampoo
Children’s shampoo is softer than normal cleaners. Add one tablespoon of shampoo on 3.8 liters of water. Wet a rag from microfiber, wring out excess water and wash a floor as usual. Then wipe it with a dry rag. From excess moisture laminate can be deformed so don’t miss this step.

4. Wipe a floor with hot water with vinegar that laminate shone
Take 240 ml of vinegar per 3.8 liters of water. For washing use a normal soft rag from microfiber. Do it not more often than once a month not to damage a protecting cover in laminate joints.

Delete spots and traces from footwear

1. Use liquid for removal of varnish or protirochny alcohol for the hardly removed spots
Try to delete a spot as soon as it appeared. Spots from color, oil, pitch or a marker it is possible to remove with protirochny alcohol or liquid for removal of varnish with acetone. Drip a little funds for a soft rag and rub the soiled place. If necessary repeat process.

2. Clean a floor from the adhered objects, using ice and a plastic scraper
Wax and chewing gum will harden if to put to them ice. After that accurately scratch them the plastic card or a scraper. Don’t use for this purpose metal objects: they can scratch laminate.

3. Remove rusty spots a lemon and salt
Metal objects can leave rusty marks on laminate. To bring them, pour a spot small-sized salt and rub a half of a lemon.

If a spot old, leave a compound of lemon juice with salt for the night. And wipe it with the soulmate of a lemon in the morning. Erase juice residuals by the damp rag or a paper towel.

4. Get rid of scrapes by means of WD-40
Sprinkle a little a little this universal remedy on scratches and traces from footwear, and then wipe with a rag or a paper towel. Wash the processed places children’s shampoo or a compound of water with vinegar that a floor wasn’t slippery.

Protect laminate from burning-off and scratches

1. Put a rug at an external input
Then dirt, snow, sand and other garbage won’t get on a floor. Also spread out rugs in those places of the apartment where often you walk. For example, before a shell and a plate. It will protect laminate from wear.

2. Put on protective overlays furniture pinches
If often to move heavy desktops and chairs, laminate will inevitably be scratched. Surely put on protective overlays for pinches of furniture which usually you move. For example, on chairs and stools in kitchen.

3. Curtain windows that on a floor direct sunshine didn’t get
From excessive heat and bright light laminate can lose color. Protect it, having closed windows curtains or blinds.

4. From time to time move carpets and furniture
If several years to hold them on one place, laminate will grow old nonuniformly. Once a year try to rearrange furniture and to move carpets that on a floor there was no faded spot left.

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