How to do cleaning faster

How to do cleaning faster

House cleaning should not take away too much time. It is sure, each of you will find for himself occupation more pleasant and interesting. However, you should not neglect purity maintenance as and mountains of ware in a sink not to justify dust on corners with the concept “creative disorder”. That regular cleaning of the apartment became quicker, adopt the following councils.

Tide up by rules

The main rule of cleaning: we move from top to down. It is necessary to follow it always. Kind of accurately you collected crumbs on a table, all of them will equally get on a floor. Even damp cleaning of various surfaces has to be carried out before you start mopping.

Another important aspect is the development of the most effective route. Try to follow it every time that to pass nothing and not to return to the past sites.

Define intervals

Many tide up all apartment on the same day of the week at once. But it is not the most effective way. Different zones become soiled at a different speed. Try to make the calendar of cleaning on zones with intervals of different length for everyone. Use applications for reminders, for example, DGT GTD or others.

Use the correct fabrics

Do not use as rags for dust wiping rags or a gauze. It is better to take special napkins from microfiber. They do not leave behind fiber, do not roll down and do not fade, absorb much more water and at the same time absorb liquids less in fiber (that means faster washing) and quickly dry. Them it is possible (and it is necessary) to erase. But you do not dry such rags on the battery.

Wash the dishes at once

Once again think of the purchase of the dishwasher. If this option does not suit you, then as much as possible simplify the process of washing in a sink.

Develop a habit to wash the dishes right after food, without waiting when the sink is filled up to the top.

Simple council, but neglect it many though just the sink overflowed with the dried-up dirty plates so frightens you. Right after a meal the washing of several plates and glasses will take several minutes.

If you got used to a long dinner from several dishes accompanied by a slow conversation, then for you additional life hack: before a dinner gathering in a sink warm water with a small amount of detergent and put the used ware at once there that it did not manage to dry up.

Clean a plate in the last turn

In the kitchen the dirtiest surface usually is the plate. Beginning cleaning in the kitchen, apply means for cleaning on a plate and leave it for several minutes. At this time begin to wipe that surface that is to the right of a plate, and move clockwise on the kitchen. It is possible to move and in the opposite direction is not the strict rule. :) The main thing that so you will be able to avoid excess campaigns to a sink for rinsing of a rag.

When you last turn reach a plate again, removal even of strong pollution will not demand special efforts. Especially if you do not neglect special means for cleaning of plates: they are more aggressive, than usual detergent, and delete pollution better. At the same time, thanks to lack of abrasive particles, the means for cleaning of plates do not damage a surface, unlike cleaners which part soda is. Surely put on rubber gloves for protection of the skin against the influence of the concentrated components.

Maintain purity of plumbing

Metal surfaces in the bathroom become soiled extremely quickly, becoming covered by drops and splashes. It can fairly depress if to consider that to wipe a raid and rust it is necessary quite carefully. Therefore try to prevent pollution of plumbing between cleaning. When you take a bath or you wash children or pets, wipe cranes once again. Delete toothpaste splashes at once, so far they still easily wash off. Rinse a bathtub or a shower cabin with hot water after were washed.

Do not forget about a blind for the bathroom

The polyester blind for the bathroom needs to be erased too. Perhaps, you do not do it. Just erase it with any other things for which you use the program with not too hot water. In a month there will be quite enough one-two times. Also, do not forget to straighten it every time after taking a shower to dry and avoid the emergence of a raid and an unpleasant smell.

Get rid of excess small bottles in the bathroom

Look critically at the shelves in the bathroom. Do you need so many means? Shower gels, bath foams, scrubs, shampoos, balms, conditioners, masks, lotions, tonics … During the cleaning of the bathroom, it is necessary to rinse each of them and to wipe a surface under them. Leave only those which you use regularly. Buy such means which unite in themselves several functions, for example, shower gel + a srub or a mask + conditioner at once. It is better to remove those means which you use less often than once a week in the closed lockers where less dust gets.

Bring order to things

The surplus of things requires additional attention: all of them become covered with dust, and everyone should find a time when cleaning. Therefore if in your apartment on shelves there are dozens of lovely things, you definitely should reconsider what of them are expensive and useful to you.

Maintenance of an order in things is not a one-time action. This “elephant” it is necessary to eat on pieces.

Plan the schedule of cleaning in cases, every week clearing away one of the blocks. Let on shelves there will be the most necessary and distribute the rest or without excess regrets send to a garbage can. Do not become attached to things and from now on try not to litter the house with knickknacks.

Simplify the choice

Cases of many women (and today more often and men) are full of things which are not put on for months. An excess variety leads only to loss of time when choosing what to put on every morning. That it was simpler to make the choice, at the same time and cleaning, reorganize the clothes. Try the following action plan:

  • Put away on storage clothes, not on a season
  • Choose those clothes which you wear regularly, and place it so that it was not rumpled and at once it was ready in the necessary complete set.
  • Choose several things which are waiting in the wings long ago, and find an occasion to put on them in the next half-month.
  • Put away the rest in a box and date it. In a month return to it and get rid of those things which were not required to you.

Erase in more sparing conditions

Long washing in hot water makes sense unless in case of bed linen and towels. Modern laundry detergents are rather effective and if not to wear out a thing, allow to wash them even in cold water or at 30–40 degrees. Plus in cold water paint from fabrics is washed away less. Also, do not neglect the conditioner: with it, the clothes become softer, lighter are ironed and accumulate less static electricity. Only do not go too far in its quantity that there was no too persuasive smell left.

I would advise to use an extraction less (will be to reduce at least speed enough). So for many things in general the need for ironing will disappear — it will be rather simple to dry up them in the straightened look.

Be not afraid of cleaning of a floor

The floor is, perhaps, the largest object in your house. It causes despondency only from an understanding of scale. But cleaning of a floor is the simplest part. The main thing is to provide itself with the correct stock (about it below).

Additional life hack:

that in all apartments the floor remained clean longer, try to bring more often order to places of the greatest pollution (a zone at an entrance door, near a sink and a plate in the kitchen, at a cat’s tray). For example, once again wipe a floor at an entrance door, collect the sawdust scattered by a cat. It will take a couple of minutes, and the floor in other zones of the apartment should be washed less often.

Buy the good vacuum cleaner

For a start, if you have carpets, think of the purchase of a more powerful vacuum cleaner not to spend time and force on useless movements. Remember that a more powerful vacuum cleaner is an economy of your energy, but not an expense of the electric power.

More powerful vacuum cleaner — economy of your energy, but not an expense of the electric power.

Clean a dust collector more often as in process of it’s filling the power of absorption decreases. Use the vacuum cleaner with water filter better. Even if you have no allergy, you should not provoke its emergence by regular inhalation of dust.

How to do cleaning faster

Do not save on a mop

Surely buy good mop. Cheap mops are often made of materials that badly collect dirt, leave pile and besides wear out after several applications.

To wash with a cheap mop — continuous torture! It is necessary to pass across one place several times and even to collect dirt from a floor by hand (laugh!). Therefore be not greedy at a counter, anyway it is not such big money. The choice of a form depends on the geometry of your rooms and your style.

  • The rope mop with an extraction suits more those who like to wash quickly, dexterously getting into each corner.
  • The rectangular mop from microfiber will suit the one who prefers to wash out measuredly the line behind the line.

Use quality detergents

Think once again before buying the usual means for washing. Try something from alternative means for eco-cleaning. You are surprised to a difference if you still washed with one of the popular detergents of a supermarket. You should not wipe the second time with a clean rag that a floor did not remain sticky. At the same time about one place only once will be to walk enough, and a floor will already begin to shine purity. Besides the expense, a mass-market means for cleaning is much higher. And it not only with interest compensates their low price, but also it is not useful for your pets or children who anyway eat a part of what is on a floor.

And finally

So that cleaning became not only fast but also pleasant, listen to music or audiobooks during cleaning. Better at once put on earphones to do not pass a piece of record when water rustles or you will come to a balcony. Hopping under favorite tracks, you will tide up much more joyfully, and the plot of the fascinating book will even keep you to look forward to next time.

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