And again for cleaning: the Tabula Rasa method

We haven’t touched on the subject of cleaning For quite some time. Yes, with a capital “Y”, because I think this method is simply brilliant. Not only will you be able to finally sort through all the things and find the long-lost, but also be able to completely change the location of furniture, re-divide the workspace and even arrange things in Feng Shui.

And again for cleaning: the Tabula Rasa method

The term “Tabula Rasa” is translated from Latin as “A clean board”. The phrase “Is more habitual for our ear to start everything with a clean slate”. Here and with cleaning — we clean everything, we touch and we arrange the room anew. In my opinion, cleaning by the tabula rasa method — ideal cleaning at the beginning of spring.

  1. Take out from the room everything that you can take out (even furniture) — that isn’t beaten or pasted tightly. Put things so that they didn’t disturb you or created as little as possible problems.
  2. Tide up the room and after that examine all space. Without excess things you will be able to see whether something needs painting, probably wall-paper somewhere came unstuck or tore, or in a parquet, the plate departs. In almost empty room nothing will disappear from your sharp-sighted look.
  3. After you were tidied up, walk about the room and properly look round. Think about how it is possible to use space more structurally. So that to remember everything, you can paste stickers with the inscriptions “desktop”, “new shelf”, “book stack”, etc. Probably, you decide that to this room one more table or a rack is necessary. You don’t hurry and draw to yourself the picture of a situation which you would like to see.
  4. After you cleaned the room and again marked it on zones, be accepted to things which took out before cleaning! Carefully touch everything and divide it into a standard “I leave”, “in the garbage”, “I didn’t decide to sell or give” and “for the present”. Here you will see, after such sorting, you will have a mass of free space for something more necessary plus probably your acquaintances looked after to themselves long ago a stool which just well doesn’t fit into the new thought-over interior in any way. Give him to them, they will be very glad and grateful. The rest can quite be placed on some Internet flea market or to give for nothing.

Yes, on such cleaning you will spend much more time and forces therefore it is more best to be prepared for it in advance. Especially morally. But results will please you, you even don’t represent yet as it is strong!

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