5 myths about cleaning companies, or what Housewives are afraid of

“The money will be ripped off, everything will be done not in my opinion, and even something will be uprooted,” – so argue the inhabitants, who have never used cleaning, and therefore are full of fears and speculation. We decided to find out what prejudices professional cleaners often face5 myths about cleaning companies, or what Housewives are afraid of

Myth No. 1. The good hostess doesn’t need cleaners

It is psychologically difficult for a woman to let in other women on the territory. Even if it is not the mother-in-law, not the daughter-in-law and not the girlfriend, and just a cleaner. Although modern women are busy, children and a set of another matter when it comes to cleaning, the jealousy wakes up. “I, perhaps, won’t clean up at home?!” — cries out the vanity.

The worldly wisdom is necessary to understand: to use services of a cleaning — doesn’t mean to refuse a role of the keeper of the center.

If the professional brings for you order to the house, you won’t become from it the bad hostess.

On the contrary, you will have extra time going with children to the park, to make the husband a tasty dinner and to make a toilet. Employees of the clearing company can come to you at any convenient time. You won’t — be present, you won’t — go about your own business. Upon termination of cleaning the client can estimate her quality on special the check sheet.

Myth No. 2. Professional cleaning — excess expenditure of money

Many are convinced that a cleaning — service for the rich. The ordinary person won’t spend for it money as superfluous all the same isn’t present. But the simple logic and elementary mathematics prove the return.

We counted once that the person spends for cleaning about four hours a week. Think about how many you could earn during this time if the wage of your work was time? Add to this sum of means which you monthly spend for household chemicals, and you will understand that independent cleaning isn’t free at all.

In more detail about how many time and money we spend on independent cleaning, read here.

In a clearing company, unlike many other companies, don’t consider cleaning costs on square meters. Only the number of rooms matters. For example, cleaning of times a week in the one-room apartment together with a bathroom on a subscription costs only 1,590 rubles. At the same time, clearing company uses safe expensive cleaners conforming to the international standards. It not only customer care, their children and pets, but also about the cleaner. They contact cleaners of 4-8 hours in a row.

Myth No. 3. In the cleaning companies, illegal immigrants who can steal something work

In the consciousness of residents of megalopolises, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, service staff is the people who are working for kopeks and carrying out the duties is very mediocre.

In the professional cleaning companies, we will compare search of employees to selection in astronauts. Otherwise they won’t be able to call themselves professional.

Cleaner is face of the company, her reputation depends on them.

To become an employee of clearing company, it is necessary to submit the application on the website and to have an interview. Then the applicant is waited by check by security service and occupational test. If the cleaner can’t answer a descent what means is suitable for textile surfaces and what — for wooden, a penny to him the price. Elimination — up to 90% of candidates.


Regular staff of clearing company are students and women about 40 years. All of them not only sustained check, but also underwent special training, a training (cleaning together with the mentor) and passed examination.


Thefts and other excesses from cleaner are almost excluded. For years of work in clearing company there was no precedent. The company knows everything about the employees, and the professional cleaner never will run away anywhere that you won’t tell about the cleaner according to the announcement.

Myth No. 4. It is more best to employ the housemaid according to the announcement than to address company services

The loveliest lady who “itself grew up three children and the house at the same time kept clean and an order” — how here not to trust? Especially she was recommended by the cousin’s aunt of the colleague.

Many consider that if to allow to the house of a foreign person, then let it will be not a “heartless” cleaner from some firm, and the ordinary pensioner who decided to earn additionally.

Unfortunately, very many get to this mental trap, and quite often it is wrapped in problems. No contracts usually are signed with the cleaner according to the announcement or according to the recommendation of acquaintances — everything is under construction on trust.

But what you will do if the loveliest lady breaks an expensive vase in your house and, having been frightened of responsibility, will go to relatives to Kansas?


Myth No. 5. The cleaning is too expensive

Probably, you are surprised, but the cleaning is not more expensive a dinner at a restaurant or a visit to a hairdressing salon.

To regular customers, purity in the house costs still cheaper. At a subscription to the cleaning of times a month the discount in 10%, every two weeks — 15%, once a week — 20% is provided.

For this money to you will wipe dust everywhere (even on door handles and switches), will spread out everything in places, will clean off the kitchen, will disinfect a bathroom, will vacuum, will wash up a floor and will take out the garbage.

Washing of all windows how many them was and on whatever floor you lived, costs only one thousand rubles.


Myths about the cleaning companies keep on simple ignorance of people how these services are arranged. But all fears vanish as dust, it is worth using their services at least once. Do you want to say goodbye to prejudices too?



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