28 things you need to get rid of while cleaning

Cleaning is an excellent occasion not only to sort cases but also to understand itself. Without regret send to junk that it is not necessary for you.

28 things you need to get rid of while cleaning

How to understand whether the thing can be thrown out? Use the Japanese practice kaizen. Pick up a subject and answer four questions:

  1. As far as do I need this subject?
  2. Whether this subject exactly here is necessary?
  3. How often do I use it?
  4. When did I pick up it last time?

If the thing was not useful to you within the last six months, safely throw out it.

The young Japanese writer, the author of the best-seller “Magic Cleaning” Mari Kondo advises to do it most eco-friendly. Talk to a thing, thank it for service, recognize her merits and say goodbye. According to Mari, the thing is good if it forces the heart to fight quicker.

So it is possible to throw out during cleaning?

1. Ancient documents
These are checks, warranty cards, receipts, references, recipes, instructions to household appliances and so on. Many store them “on everyone the firefighter” — and suddenly will be useful. If at papers the expiration date (the guarantee ended, there passed all terms of payments) precisely expired, safely throw out.

Often ancient documents are stored on a desk, in folders. That papers which are really necessary did not litter a workplace, use small wall organizers. In them it is difficult to save stuff: they always are in the public eye.

2. Magazines and newspapers
Magazines and newspapers and also booklets, posters, tickets for concerts, business cards, cards, drawings can be stored if they are really expensive to heart and something meaningful to you. Necessary put in a separate box. Leave the rest: waste paper decently weighs, takes a lot of places and serves as a dust collector.

Paper (including luster) can be handed over for processing. You will kill two hares: exempt the house from garbage and receive a little money.

3. Books and manuals
To leave books very difficult: since childhood inspired in us that they need to be protected. But if you did not open several months a case and prefer electronic editions, change rules.

Books can be transferred to public library or anti-cafe, to hand over in secondhand bookshop, to fill up regiments of bookcrossing, to attach according to the announcement — persons interested for certain will be much.

4. Calendars and daily logs
The last year’s calendar with doggies, the unused souvenir daily log which to you was presented a few years ago — all this is not useful anymore. Leave only what is necessary here and now.

5. Boxes
Packings from under TVs, household appliances, footwear take a lot of place and save dust. If boxes stand empty — for example, in case of moving — better to leave them. But if all of you thought up them an application and decided to put in them letters expensive to heart, cards, photos, and other trifles, leave.

6. Unnecessary gifts and souvenirs
Vases and figurines, caskets and supports, empty frames and photo albums … Application was not found for these lovely things, and it is a pity to throw out. Or it is a shame before donators — they tried! If these objects did not undergo testing by the questions given at the beginning of the article leave them. You do not want to throw outsell.

7. Package of packages
At many of us in the kitchen the package in which there are other packages is stored. If you care for ecology, replace a plastic collection with a reusable bag for purchases. It will make room in the kitchen and will allow though a little, but to save: you any more during visits to the shop will not spend money on packages. And what accumulated at home it is better to hand over for processing.

8. Old electronics
Earphones with which you went 10 years ago, the broken smartphone, the old keyboard and the monitor, the remote control from the thrown-out TV, the electric kettle with the broken cover … You will not give the second life to these things. It is possible to call the service centers and to offer this stuff on the spare part or to attach free of charge according to the announcement. If it does not turn out — send for processing.

Also do not feel sorry for wires of unclear appointment, adjusting disks, with a scratch of the working USB sticks, covers from old gadgets and other accessories. You do not use — in a recycle bin!

9. DVD and CD
The heritage of the past takes a lot of place and any more will never be used. Digitize disks on which records from the family archives are stored, and transfer data to the USB stick or a cloud. The outdated collection can throw out or try to be attached that who still uses players of disks.

10. Valuable, but unnecessary gadgets
Presented you the waffle iron, the juice extractor or the double boiler, but you do not use them? A half of a box is occupied by the food processor which you did not unpack? The iron for beautiful curls is waiting in the wings? Do not wait, it will not come.

Sell these things on an online flea market or give free of charge to those to whom they are really necessary. It will become at once easier.

11. Clothes and footwear with defects
To send to a basket the favorite scratched boots, a dress with a spot which does not wash off comfortable shoes with the broken heel the hand often is not raised. Yes, you are sure that you will repair or will wash them and will carry them again. But stop to cling to the past and go further without this cargo.

The same concerns clothes and the footwear which is not suitable for the size or got out of fashion. As soon as you get rid of second-hand articles, there will be an occasion to buy something brand new. And it is always pleasant.

12. Final dress
Yes, it is very beautiful. But with probability in 99%, you will not put on it anymore. The same concerns a wedding dress — why you store it? On a case, if once again you marry?

Sell dresses on an online flea market or attach in a hire of dresses — let they will please also others.

13. Ware which you do not use
To have breakfast, dinner and supper at home, rather a modest set of ware. However often our cases are hammered with variegated plates and circles (including souvenir), grandmother’s services, napkin holders and sockets for jam, jugs and glasses …

Leave only what is necessary personally for you and for reception of guests. Leave the rest.

14. Glass jars
The collection of cans usually waits for that moment when you suddenly decide to be engaged in salting cucumbers or to twirl lecso. Send glass to junk. When want to make stocks for the winter then buy the necessary number of a glassware.

15. Old rags and sponges
Scouring sponges need to be changed as often as possible — at least once in two weeks. And in kitchen at all you should not store rags: it is a nursery of microbes and a source of an unpleasant smell. Used — throw out.

16. Drugs and cosmetics with the expired expiration dates
How long did you check whether the ink or lipstick bought few years ago on a sale are expired? When did investigate a house first-aid kit? Drugs and cosmetics have the expiration date after which they can do harm to health. So bring a habit at least once to half a year to touch a first-aid kit and a make-up bag.

17. Unopened spirits
Found a box with unsolved expensive perfume on a shelf? Everything is simple: you do not use, means it is not necessary. Present to those who love this aroma.

18. Toys
Lovely plush hares and bears, board games with the lost “spare parts” — all this for certain takes a lot of place and saves dust. Keep only that heart pleases, and send the rest to garbage.

19. Pictures and posters to which there was no place
Everything that does not hang on a wall yet, safely you give, offer for sale or send to garbage. Posters with florets and landscapes, pictures with the running horses and the sitting cats — for certain they remarkable, but personally are not necessary to you.

20. Old pillows, blankets, plaids
Sleeping accessories which we use every day — a moneybox of harmful microorganisms and dust pincers. It is necessary to change them at least once in two years, otherwise you risk to wake up with a headache or to become the allergic person.

21. Throw pillows
One of popular impulsive purchases. Lovely throw pillows in shop look very attractively, but not the fact that they will fit into your interior. Besides it is an excess dust collector.

22. Sports equipment which is unused
Once you decided to practice yoga and bought a special rug. Or promised to lose weight in three months and bought the stepper or the exercise bike. But if the sport stock stands still the last half a year, urgently get rid of it.

23. Remains of a tile or wall-paper after repair
All this is stored “on everyone the firefighter”, takes the place and saves dust. Throw out without regret: there is no deficiency building materials in shops today.

24. Discount cards which you do not use
Touch cards which at you for certain accumulated much, and leave only that are regularly necessary. If there is an opportunity — make their digital copies and transfer to the smartphone.

25. Magnets from the fridge
The fashion to decorate fridges with magnets long ago passed therefore carry out audit of your collection. And for what there is no categorical wish to leave it is possible to make an exception and to move them on a special board.

26. Old scarfs
Knitted accessories which you do not carry can be dismissed and tied up. If there is no wish to give them the second life, get rid: the clothes need updating.

27. Inconvenient traveling bags and suitcases
Traveling bag beautiful, but low-capacious? And the suitcase weighs more, than what you in it put? You do not store their house: it is unlikely you want to spoil to yourself a travel.

28. Hangers from shop
It is better to throw out free wire or plastic hangers which got to you together with a thing. They are not intended for long storage: thin plastic and a wire bend and deform clothes

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