25 life hacks that will help you get out faster and less often

With these councils the establishing order in the house will not seem a burden, it will be much easier to cope with a task.


25 life hacks that will help you get out faster and less oftenSimplify washing of ware

1. If in your house the party died down and to wash the dishes there is neither desire nor forces, kill her since evening. Especially it concerns glasses with wine and also tableware: to wash the dried-up wine from fragile narrow glasses or the dried puree from a fork — not the most pleasant business. And will be to rinse in the morning them with detergent so enough.

2. The most important life hacks for a party — not to use the usual ware. To find in shop beautiful paper plates long ago not a problem especially as it is possible to pick up them under a cloth. It is not necessary to wash then such the dishes, it is possible just to throw out.

3. Call on a visit to the person who cannot sleep if in a sink the mountain of ware. Perhaps, by the morning, dirt itself will evaporate magically.

4. If you want to freeze leftovers in a container, at first wipe it with vegetable oil. It will become easier to take out preparations, plastic will not become impregnated with smells and will be washed much more simply.

5. Be the most cunning and freeze food in packages and containers from purchased food. It is possible even to buy for emergency special disposable tanks and to use it if necessary.

Hide what is imperceptibly soiled

6. Oil from the heated frying pans, evaporations from the boiling soup and just imperceptibly settle the dust on ware. Even it is best to hide the most beautiful plates, especially if daily you use at most two-three.

7. The same can be told about the main dust collectors of any apartment — books and figurines. Put them in a case with glass doors and brag of library unostentatiously.

Find to all the place

8. Allocate day and sort all that rolls in the apartment. Hairbrushes — in support in the bathroom, handles — in a box of a table, a trifle for repair — in a special box.

9. To avoid a disorder in a corridor and eternal search of keys, put on a regiment a vase or a bowl with wide edges. Try to get used to putting their keys, sunglasses and other trifles which always should be looked for half an hour before an exit from the house. Even if in her the small disorder is formed, it will be limited to limits of capacity and won’t creep away on all hall.

10. You shouldn’t throw out boxes from footwear, especially big: it is simpler to store winter boots in an original box in the summer. It precisely will approach by the size. Besides boxes can be put at each other that will save the place.

Don’t allow dirty footwear to soil floors

11. Buy boot covers and put them in the hall. Now it isn’t necessary to be undressed to take away a backpack from the room. If you don’t want to spend money, just move closer to a package of packages.

12. Put any unnecessary rag about a rug for footwear before the arrival of guests. This life hack is especially useful in the winter when the mix brought on footwear from reagents and the thawing snow can soil half of the apartment. Then the unnecessary rag can just be thrown out.

13. The small whatnot perfectly will be suitable for that someone have always a lot of footwear in a corridor. A task at her the same, as at a rag: not to allow dirt to get on a floor. Well and not to allow you to stumble at night about the mountain of footwear.

You watch garbage

14. Put the newspaper on garbage can bottom. So it won’t be necessary to wash him even if the package will tear and will leak, it is rather simple to throw out the newspaper. And to avoid an unpleasant smell, fill a couple of spoons of soda in the newspaper.

15. Put a garbage can in the room if you spend their much time. It won’t take a lot of places, but the paper stuff, packing from chips and other small garbage will not lie anywhere. It is best to buy a bucket less. Room buckets are filled longer, but from it don’t begin to smell better.

Facilitate washing

16. Buy a small laundry basket. The less basket, the more often it is overflowed — you should be engaged in washing. And the less linen in the machine, the better it erases.

17. Get a special mesh sack for washing of linen and socks. If the bag is filled not too densely, it can be dried directly in it. And any there are more gone socks!

18. If family big, buy a threefold laundry basket and sort him on dark, light and color at once. Very conveniently.

Apply lifehacker approach to cleaning

19. Napkins conditioners for drying of linen in the machine, not a rarity. They have used so that the clothes were not such mint, pleasantly I smelled and it was easier caressed. But very few people know that it is very good to wipe with them furniture. Napkins impregnate with the special antistatic structure which slows down dust congestion. If there are no such napkins near at hand, any napkin and antistatic will be suitable for clothes.

20. That it was simpler to maintain purity in the fridge, cut off pieces of baking paper by the size of each shelf and put them under products. If something spills or will leak, it won’t be necessary to get and wash the shelf. Even if you noticed a problem not at once and everything managed to dry up, just replace the sheet of paper with clean. Don’t forget to do the same with boxes for vegetables.

21. Apply a little shaving cream on a napkin and wipe a mirror in the bathroom. So it will mist over much less and it won’t be necessary to wash it so often.

And finally

22. Try to turn on the music: under it to clean up not so drearily.

23. Open curtains and turn on the light. It not only will lighten the mood, but also will help to see all dirt.

24. Begin cleaning with something simple gradually to be involved in the process.

25. Try to clean up regularly, so cleaning will borrow less time each time. It is possible to clean up every day, but only one room.

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