12 ways to motivate yourself to clean

12 ways to motivate yourself to cleanAs align themselves so, to impose order became pleased.

1. Think of cleaning positively
You spend a large part of your life cleaning, not to torture yourself, but for your own well-being. Living in a clean house, where everything is in its place, is good for good mood, productivity and overall health.

Try not to perceive the guidance of purity as hard labor. Consider it an investment in a pleasant stay.

2. Come up with a reward
Everything is simple to the banal: if it is too difficult to start cleaning, think of what to please yourself after you do it. Promise yourself a delicious dessert or another episode of your favorite TV series.

3. Get out when no one’s home
I’m sure most people find it easier to clean up when they’re home alone. Even if it makes it impossible to attract the household to a useful occupation.

Do not try to start cleaning when you can interfere. In addition to unpleasant emotions like irritation, it will bring a little something.

Terribly pisses me off, when someone immediately contributes mess in all, that you quite recently neatly cleaned up. Or prevents wipe the floors, running from one room to another.

4. Do not take all the rooms at once
You do not necessarily understand by cleaning the total liberation from the mess of all parts of your apartment. Waiting for the General cleaning of all rooms, along with washing floors and Windows exhausting even before it begins. Today, wash the kitchen, tomorrow clean the bath-the overall appearance of the apartment will not suffer from this.

5. Make a schedule
Think about how it is easier for you to do cleaning: once or twice a week for a couple of hours or every day for 20-30 minutes. If you are not sure, at least try the second method. So the work front will cease to frighten you, and restoring order will become something ordinary.

For example:

  • Monday: disassemble the clothes in the closet.
  • Tuesday: dust off, put things on shelves.
  • Wednesday: wash the floor throughout the apartment.
  • Thursday: clean the bathroom.
  • Friday: wash the stove.
  • Saturday: disassemble the old things on the balcony.
  • Sunday: change the bed linen, send things to the Laundry.

As a result, every day you will find not so much to do around the house. And their implementation will take no more than half an hour.

6. Think of cleaning as a sport
An hour of floor washing burns Want to Know How Many Calories are Burned When You do Housework? about 200 calories. And if you do a thorough cleaning of carpets, the same result can be achieved in half an hour. The same number of calories you can spend for a full yoga class.

7. Turn on active music
Calm and melancholic songs will not do. Turn on the music to which you want to start moving. It will set the rhythm and cheer up, and time will fly by with it faster — you will be surprised that washing the floors takes only four or five tracks.

8. Close social networks
Cleaning can end on the previous point-when you sat down at the computer to select music, and so because of it did not get up. Or decided to turn on the radio on the phone and saw a new message. Close all chats and turn off notifications.

9. Start with the hardest part
Find the most unpleasant thing in cleaning and do it first. The visual result and the feeling that the most difficult thing is done motivates to move on.

If you go to clean the bathroom, start by cleaning the toilet bowl. When you need to change the bed linen, first deal with the duvet cover. The rest will be done by itself.

10. Get rid of unnecessary things
Stop endlessly shifting, wiping, laying out things that you do not need at all. When you free up space, immediately want to clean it up, carefully arrange and keep clean.

Take out all the old and unnecessary things and immediately put them in bags. The main thing is not to hide it on the balcony or in the pantry, and try to immediately take out of the apartment, so as not to be tempted to return everything back. And the extra rubble you do not need.

11. Add something new to the interior
Buy a bright vase or lamp, arrange decorative candles or hang new curtains. Bring any little thing that will decorate your home. And if your apartment is a mess, you will feel that wherever you put a new thing, nothing can decorate your home as clean.

12. Small mess clean up immediately
Start washing dishes immediately after eating. It’ll take five minutes at most. If there is no time at all, for example in the morning, fill the dishes with warm water — it will be much easier to wash it after.

Always put books in place, remove makeup, make the bed-spend a minute of your time. From such trifles and order is born, which is so nice to maintain that no motivation is needed.

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