10 life hacks for cleaning and cleaning things

10 life hacks for cleaning and cleaning things

You real fan of cleaning? Just you don’t transfer a type of dirt and you always hold near at hand antiseptics, around dust and bacteria? This article will help you to direct purity far quicker, than before.

1. You dry a sponge employing office clamp
If you have no convenient shelf for rags and sponges, you can use a normal office clamp. Fix it where it is convenient to you, and cling to it a sponge every time as stop using it.

2. If you want to get rid of bacteria on a sponge, send it to the microwave
Even if after rinsing of a sponge you are dissatisfied with its purity, you can send it to a couple of minutes to the microwave. It will kill the majority of bacteria. But consider, the method isn’t suitable for sponges with metal blobs.

3. You hold means for cleaning near at hand
If at you means for cleaning are in the public eye and to them, it will be easy to reach, it will help you to keep constant order. Did you see a dirty plate, you have an excess minute, and the sponge is evident? 60 seconds — and order is restored. Came from the street, and footwear sand was showered? There are a brush and a scoop, it is possible to remove fast everything, but not to deliver dirt on the house.

4. In the hall deliver a box or a basket
Coming home and exempting jacket pockets from excess things, you can send all small-sized objects in this box or a basket, but not just to throw them on a regiment. Once a week rake “treasures” and throw out all superfluous.

5. To clean off the microwave, heat in it vinegar
The microwave — an excellent assistant in the kitchen. But during heating, the juice from food is sprayed on device walls, and then it is very difficult to wash all this grandeur. Vinegar can help. Deliver a glass with it in the microwave and turn on it for 3–4 minutes. You just will need to wipe rag dirt.

6. Cover top of kitchen cabinets with the newspaper or a film
The kitchen is a location in which permanently on all surfaces fat accumulates. Especially cabinets and shelves suffer. Cover them with the newspaper, and it is even better — food wrap: during clear-out, you shouldn’t spend a lot of time for rubbing dirt and fat.

7. Vinegar will help to wash a shower watering can
Vinegar can help you to wash not only the microwave but also a shower watering can. On it, there is overtime a raid which is very difficult for deleting. Pour vinegar in a packet, lower a watering can there and fix a packet by an elastic band. In a couple of hours wipe with a rag.

8. Use toothpaste for cleaning of Siberian salmons
If you love gym shoes the same as they are loved by me, you for certain know that they are very quickly soiled. A sole at them most often white or light gray, and we live not in those countries where roads with soap are washed. We pick up an old toothbrush, we apply toothpaste and we start a dirt rubbing. When it’s done, we wipe gym shoes with the damp rag.

9. To collect wool of pets, put on rubber gloves
Those who have pets, know what is a molt. Wool everywhere: on a floor, on furniture, on clothes. To get rid of it, use rubber gloves. So wool will gather much easier. By the way, from carpet wool easily is removed a rubber scraper.

10. Delete greasy spots from things with detergent
Do you remember the commercials of detergents? Means of X will perfectly cope with fat even in cold water and bla bla bla. Try to use means on its direct assignment — delete greasy spots from clothes.

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