How to clean a microwave at home quickly?

Today we offer some instructions on the topic: “How to clean the microwave at home quickly?”. We have collected both obvious and well-known methods, and less well-known, but just as well-helping techniques.

How to clean a microwave at home quickly?
A microwave is indispensable in the kitchen. It is used for heating food, defrosting food and cooking. The disadvantage of the microwave is the rapid contamination and difficulty in removing fat from its surfaces. How to clean the microwave inside, what tools and methods can be used for quick and safe cleaning?

General recommendation

Quickly and effectively wash the microwave inside will help simple recommendations:

  • Use the steam effect – this will dissolve the old particles of fat, which will greatly facilitate their removal.
  • Do not use abrasives, metal sponges or other objects that may damage the surface of the microwave oven.
  • Turn off the microwave before cleaning directly with a damp sponge. Do not use a lot of water or a very wet cloth to prevent moisture-sensitive items from getting wet.
  • Start cleaning by washing the ring and glass plate, then wash the top and grille, walls and at the end of the door.
  • For maximum effect, use additional means-lemon, vinegar, soda or special household cleaners.
  • Carry out regular cleaning, at least 1 time a week with regular use and 2 times a month with periodic operation. To protect the walls of the microwave oven from splashes of food and fat, use a special plastic cap while warming up or heating food.

Lemon, citric acid or juice

Clean the microwave will help lemon, its juice or citric acid. This method will not only return the pristine purity, but also refresh the microwave.

Prepare a container that can be used in a microwave oven. Pour in 0.5 liters of water and add one bag of citric acid or 4 tbsp lemon juice and squeezed citrus. Put the dishes in the microwave, select the mode with maximum power and turn on for 3-10 minutes (the exact time depends on the degree of contamination). A few minutes after turning off, wipe the oven inside with a damp sponge.


Similarly, you can clean the microwave with a lemon soaked in water, or other solutions based on citrus-orange and grapefruit.

Remember, citric acid is not suitable for frequent use in microwaves with an enameled surface.


Baking soda is also perfect for cleaning the inner surface of the microwave oven. Small particles of the substance will settle on the walls in the form of condensate and dissolve the accumulation of fat or dirt. For the procedure, prepare a deep bowl in which you mix a solution of 450 ml of water and 1 tbsp of baking soda. Place the container in the oven, set the maximum power and turn on the microwave for 10 minutes. After the signal to end heating, wait another 5 minutes without opening the door, and then wash the microwave inside with a damp sponge or cloth.


To remove dirt from the inside of the microwave, you can use a bite. This method will quickly and effectively help to remove fat. The procedure is accompanied by an unpleasant smell of vinegar, which, however, quickly erodes after cleaning.

To clean the microwave, pour 0.5 liters of water into a bowl and add 1 teaspoon of vinegar essence or 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Put the container with the solution in the microwave and turn it on for 5-15 minutes depending on the prescription and the amount of contamination. After the steam bath remove everything with a wet sponge

Laundry soap

Quickly and effectively cope with contamination inside the microwave can soap. Lather them with a small damp sponge and wipe the entire surface of the microwave oven with it. Leave for a while, then remove the soap solution and dissolved dirt with a clean damp cloth. If you do not clean the walls of the oven from soap, the first use may cause an unpleasant smell of burning.

Household products

Prepare dishwashing detergent (Fairy, Gala, etc.), water and a soft sponge. On a wet washcloth, squeeze a small amount of the product and squeeze it several times until the foam appears. Put the sponge in the microwave and turn the appliance on at maximum power for 20-30 seconds, then wash the inside of the oven.

To clean the microwave, you can use specialized tools that are produced by many companies for the production of equipment. Apply the spray or gel according to the instructions on the package.

Get rid of dirt inside the microwave and refresh it will help a simple cleaning using household detergents or folk methods. To keep the microwave oven functioning and effectively remove all fat and food residues, use the steam room effect, which can be enhanced by additional components, such as lemon, soda or vinegar. Follow the basic recommendations and do not forget to follow the safety rules when cleaning household appliances.

A microwave is a necessary appliance in every kitchen. But due to regular use, it quickly becomes contaminated, and if you ignore this, the heated products will begin to acquire an unpleasant smell, and the oven itself will quickly fail. Let’s try to figure out how you can wash the microwave with a variety of cleaning products, most of which are always at hand.


Cleaning rules

Basic rules that stand to follow:

  1. Before you clean the microwave, it must be turned off.
  2. Do not use hard brushes and metal cleaning scrapers – this will spoil the surface and make the oven unsuitable for further use.
  3. Cleaning the microwave should take place using very little water, this will prevent the failure of parts sensitive to high humidity.
  4. Do not disassemble the oven when washing.
  5. At the end of the active cleaning process from the inside, you should open the door and dry the unit well.

How to clean a microwave at home quickly?

Methods of cleaning

Popular means for cleaning microwave ovens:

  1. Citric acid. Mix 1 tsp of acid with 50 ml of water at room temperature or lukewarm, apply to internal and external contaminated surfaces for 5-10 minutes, then wipe and wash off the remains with water. Cleaning the microwave with citric acid does not give a foreign smell, so it is absolutely safe. If the remnants of acid for some reason still get into the human body through food, then you should not fear it – it is harmless to health.
  2. Limon. Instead of acid, you can just use lemon. This product is also harmless, and in addition to cleansing will give the microwave a fresh aroma and natural Shine. To clean a microwave using lemon in the following way. Cut the fruit into 2 parts and squeeze the juice out of it, add 200 ml of water to the juice and heat the solution in a microwave oven at maximum power. It is necessary to ensure that the steam began to settle on the walls of the device in the form of condensate, for this, as a rule, 5-7 minutes are enough. Turn off the device and wait another 5-10 minutes, then remove the container and wipe all surfaces with a cloth. Cleaning in this way allows you to remove the remnants of contamination in the microwave, and the pleasant smell of fresh lemon will accompany you in the kitchen for a long time.
  3. Citrus fruit peels. It will also help to find the answer to the question of how to quickly wash the microwave. To do this, the crust of any citrus is placed in a bowl with a wide base, then pour the contents with water and put in the oven for 5-6 minutes. Power at the same time should be as high as possible. This method allows you to quickly clean the microwave and, as in the case of a whole lemon, refresh the device and give a pleasant aroma to the entire room.
  4. Vinegar. If the previous methods did not help you cope with such a simple task at first glance, how to clean the microwave at home, then it’s time to try out the vinegar. The disadvantage of such a tool is that the product has a specific pungent smell, which is sure to spread in the kitchen and can persist for a long time in the oven itself, so when cleaning with vinegar, you should leave the oven door open for a long time and ventilate the premises well. The procedure itself, allowing you to clean the microwave oven, is as follows. Vinegar and water are combined in a ratio of 1:1, after which the container is placed inside the device for 5-7 minutes, and then you need another 15-20 minutes to leave the door closed in order to soften the contamination. After, as brush your microwave oven within vydelyaemymi pairs managed, need well ventilate room and under open window leaf open the door.After that, the remains of all contaminants on the walls can be washed out.

    An important caveat: you can not allow the solution to fall on the grid, it can spoil the device!

  5. Soda. It is impossible to use soda in the standard format in the case of microwave, since damage to the surface by microscopic particles will disable the device. However, choosing a way to easily wash the microwave, this product should not be completely excluded. Soda can be used in the non-contact method of cleaning. This is how it is done. A wide bowl is taken, where 2-3 tablespoons of soda powder is poured, the powder is poured with water and put into the oven at maximum power for 15-20 minutes. With this method, you can get rid of persistent contaminants.

Chemical cleaning methods

How to clean a microwave in 5 minutes? Chemistry to help you!

Chemical detergents and cleaners should be used with caution.

No matter how much you want to avoid synthetic cleaners, some products will help quite easily and without much harm to wash dirt and extend the life of the microwave:
  1. Mr. Muscle. Spray the product on the surface, turn on the microwave oven at full power for 1 minute, then wipe the surface with a damp cloth, completely removing the remnants of the solution.
  2. Laundry soap. The use of this indispensable household assistant is relevant in our case. Soap should lather and handle of this foam wall, leaving it for 30-40 minutes, then rinse everything with water. In that case, if the solution is not completely removed, at the first cooking you will feel a specific smell that is not dangerous for the stove itself, but can cause unpleasant sensations in you.
  3. Faery. This tool is suitable in the case of not strong pollution. Soft sponge moisten with water and fairies. Put it in the chamber and leave on low power for 20-30 seconds, carefully watching that the sponge does not melt. Then wash off the remnants of softened dirt.
  4. Special means for microwave. If you still have not found the most effective way to wash the microwave and how to clean the microwave from fat, you can try specialized cleaning products. As a rule, the instructions clearly state how to use them. Traditionally, the product is kept on contaminated surfaces for 5-10 minutes, after which the surfaces are thoroughly wiped with a soft sponge or cloth. Absolutely no need to put physical effort in order to clean the microwave inside of the fat: the tool will do everything for you.
  5. Napkins. Allow you to quickly remove fat and food residues without the need to use water. Wipes do not just remove dirt, they also disinfect, being absolutely allergenic.

The choice of means depending on the surface material

The inner coating of your device can be:

  • enamel;
  • ceramic;
  • from stainless steel.

Enamel coating is the most common. It is present in most models of economy class. The process of cleaning smooth enameled surfaces is not particularly difficult, if you avoid means that can damage them. Even small scratches, barely noticeable to the eye, are unacceptable. Regular exposure to hot steam deprives the surface of its original hardness, so, as a rule, such furnaces do not serve for a very long time. On the bottom in any case should not get moisture to avoid rust.

How to clean a microwave at home quickly?
Stainless steel is more resistant to high temperatures material. But quickly wash the microwave of this type will not work. Carbon and fat deposits are instantly absorbed into the surface, but do not want to be cleaned quickly. Abrasives and any acids, including citric and acetic, are strictly prohibited in cases with stainless steel. Remove contamination can only be specialized solutions or through steam exposure.

Ceramic coatings – the most picky in terms of care. All of the above tools can be applied to them. However, it is worth remembering that, as in the case of the previous two materials, wash the microwave, using abrasives and hard sponges, you can only once, ridding it of fat and leaving it permanently inoperable.

However, prevention is always easier than treatment. This statement is relevant in our case. We talked about how to wash the microwave inside, how to quickly clean the microwave, but it is much easier, in fact, to follow simple tips for caring for the device and the rules of its operation. Use special caps during the cooking process, wipe the surfaces regularly, periodically leave a tablet of activated carbon or a container of salt in the chamber, and your device will serve you for many years. You never have to really and seriously think about how to wash and bring in the proper form of your microwave.

Today, a microwave is in almost every home. It makes life much easier, because with its help you can not only defrost products, but also quickly prepare a large number of different dishes. The more often Housewives use the oven, the more urgent the question – how to quickly wash the microwave inside?

Time to spend a lot of cleaning does not want to, but the amount of accumulated fat inside just wipe with a cloth or sponge is not so easy. However, do not despair. There are many simple ways to help clean the oven without much effort.

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