7 secrets of Shoe care that will prolong the life of your favorite shoes

7 secrets of Shoe care that will prolong the life of your favorite shoes

Comfortable boots began to become unstuck, and there is no wish to buy new so. We tell how to put footwear that it withstood not one more fall and winter in order.

Correctly you store footwear

Preparation of footwear for fall begins in the spring — when you put away warm boots and boots in a cabinet. If to leave them dirty or not dry-through since last season, beautiful boxes won’t save. Well wash and clean footwear, then dry up and lubricate with cream. The internal surface can be processed antibacterial spray. Fill footwear with newspapers or insert special holders of the form that on material zaloma and wrinkles weren’t formed. Also you remember: in a box there shall be a hole for cooling.

Directly wash dirty footwear

It is better to clean footwear directly as soon as you came back home. Don’t leave the soiled boots till the morning — in heat dirt will dry, will be imbibed in material, and it will be not so simple to liquidate it. The normal sponge, the wetted in warm soap water will help to get rid of spots to you. Leather boots can be washed under flowing water and to wipe dirt a brush. Suede requires more delicate address: process only a spot zone the damp rag and use a special brush.

You don’t dry footwear at the battery

To put on warm boots directly from the battery very pleasant. But it is better to sacrifice this pleasure, if you like, that they long served. Izza of sharp temperature differences leather footwear begins to burst. The heat of the battery deforms a rubber sole and forces boots to crack. Footwear which is often dried in such a way ceases to hold heat and passes water. Use better special electrical dryers which invest directly in boots. Or type them newspapers and leave in case of indoor temperature. Still the option is to warm coarse salt in a frying pan, to fill with it rag packets and to put in wet footwear.

Paste cracks

If in favourite boots began to blot legs — not all is lost. Carefully examine them and paste shoe glue of a crack and the place where the top departs from a sole. Don’t flood damage by glue — it won’t yield result. Uniformly apply means with a thin layer on one of surfaces and densely press it to another for some time. For the best result beforehand degrease a surface.

Get brushes for different materials

Rough brushes for skin can spoil suede or nubuck. Acquire several different brushes for footwear from favourite materials.

Brushes from a natural bristle

Are suitable for leather and leatherette. For footwear of different flowers it is possible to acquire several brushes not to wash same after each cleaning. For a polish colourless wax it is better to get a separate accessory too.

Brushes for suede

Clean and brush gentle material. They can consist of soft metal fibers, rubber pimples or artificial pile.

Eraser for suede and nubuck

The rough unit without pile which helps to remove pollution.

Shoe polishing sponge

The soft sponge impregnated with color or colourless composition polishes and adds brightness. It is used as the finish for footwear from leather or leatherette.

Felt fabric for the lacquered footwear

Patent leather can’t be processed brushes or sponges — they will leave scratches. Wipe such footwear with a piece of felt, a flannel or a velvet.

Process scrapes color

Special color will help to recover the forced-down noses and backs, to remove marks which are left on your footwear bad weather or people in transport and to hide scratches and scrapes. You can select a convenient format: means happens in the form of aerosol, cream or liquid which is applied with a brush. It is usually possible to find shoe color care of any flowers, but it is admissible and to mix a little to achieve an exact shade. The main rule is to apply a colorant only on a dry and pure surface.

Use shoe wax or spray

Colourless wax — the final stage of leaving. It is put last and creates on footwear a protective film which repels water, dirt and reagents on roads. Thanks to this stage your shoes or boots will be soiled less even in the strong slush. It is better to process footwear wax the day before, but not directly before an output — then he will manage to be imbibed well in skin. For suede or other delicate materials there are special water-repellent sprays.

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